June 15, 2023
Coursera: Rutger’s Institute for the Study of Employee Ownership and Profit Sharing
Looking for “real-world solutions to economic inequality”? What is employee ownership and what can it do for companies and their employees? This free, flexible course by subject matter experts dives into the details of this alternative business model.
Is it time to say “if you want a healthy economy that works for people and works for the long run, we need to change the incentives of private equity”?
Vulture: Josef Adalian, Lane Brown
Have we entered a world of quantum economics, where it’s “absolutely conceivable that the streaming subscription model is the crypto of the entertainment business”?
Harvard Business Review: Roy E. Bahat, Thomas A. Kochan, Liba Wenig Rubenstein
“Ask yourself: What’s good for everybody?”
How are communities under pressure finding ways to keep their businesses afloat?
Education, community, activism: Are working-class voters an important key to action on inequality?
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