July 27, 2023
Smith Business Insight
This collection asks: How can companies use the “tools of the times” to meet evolving expectations around future business challenges? (also see How to Be a Purpose-Driven Leader Without Burning Out)
CNN Business: Vanessa Yurkevich, Chris Isidore
“Shares of UPS were down 1.5% in afternoon trading.” Why would markets take a dim view of what is being called “a win-win-win agreement”? (also see ‘It Feels Like It’s Strike Summer’)
As schools work to navigate the post-affirmative action landscape, what strategies would make admissions more equitable? (also see Diversifying Society’s Leaders?  and The End of Affirmative Action: What It Means for MBA Admissions)
BBC: Megan Morrone
What are AI's potential benefits and drawbacks for workers across different wage and skill levels? (also see AI Jobs: No One Knows What a Head of AI Does, but It’s the Hottest New Job and America Already Has an AI Underclass)
Forbes: Michael Posner
“More diverse corporate environments lead to better economic outcomes.” Why should business stand up for itself, and how?
The Seattle Times: Grace Hase
Is this the end for a brewery that has survived two world wars and Prohibition, or can its employees come together to forge a new path? (also see How Sapporo USA Sank Anchor Brewing Co.)
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