~ July 22, 2021 ~
NPR’s Throughline: Rund Abdelfatah, Ramtin Arablouei, Jamie York, Julie Caine, Laine Kaplan-Levenson, Lawrence Wu, Darius Rafieyan, Victor Yvellez
"What do we really mean when we talk about capitalism? What are the rules? And how have they changed?”
Whoo hoo or whoopty doo? Are billionaire space dreams pushing the envelope for the greater good, or holding the rest of us back? (compare to Don’t Be Impressed with the Space Billionaires and The Benefits of Billionaires in Space)
The Guardian: Stephanie Kirchgaessner, Paul Lewis, David Pegg, Sam Cutler, Nina Lakhani, Michael Safi
What obligations does the producer of this spyware have to its users, and to their targets?

Hosted by the Aspen Institute Business & Society Program with Elisa Alt, Michael L Barnett, Maureen Scully, Donald Kuratko & More
Join us August 1, 2021 9AM ET for an engaging dive into the emerging field of corporate social intrapreneurship!

"The world is sick but it is not only sick.” How can we bring students hope as well as knowledge?
World Economic Forum: Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg, Jonathan Wichmann
How do we get better at solving the right problems? (also see Questioning Self-Evident ‘Truths’)
What do arts and humanities do to equip students for the new future of work that more traditional management education does not?
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