January 26, 2023
“Digital platforms are struggling, meanwhile a 136-year-old book retailer is growing again. But why?” (also see How a Single Person Changes a Culture)
“Far from being an easy way out, fraud is a high-wire act, the rewards high, the penalties higher.” What’s behind corporate deceptions like FTX and others? (also see Year of the Tech Grifter: Will Silicon Valley Ever Learn From Its Mistakes?)
Patagonia: Brooke MacMillan
What did it take for this mining chemist to go from a bag of mud and a dream to a “Play-Doh fun factory” for sustainable building materials?
Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance: Peter Gassmann, Will Jackson-Moore
How can companies “perform well for investors and pursue a clear ESG strategy at the same time?” This article argues for the power of narrative, values, and networks. (also see How Leading Companies Are Tying Executive Pay to Sustainability)
What questions, and management challenges, result from this “extraordinarily messy area of the law”?
The Guardian: Oliver Milman
A vegetarian puts ethical eating to the test: Is this hope or hype?
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