January 12, 2023
Harvard Business Review: Andrew Winston
What do the big environmental, social, and political themes of 2022 say about what to expect in 2023? (also see ESG: It’s Not Ideology, It’s Economics, Explaining ESG Investing and the “Woke Capitalism” Backlash and CEOs Should Ignore Anti-Woke Attacks And Do What’s Right)
Worth: Arick Wierson
How can schools do more to prepare students for a future of hard decisions?
Will AI undermine the education system, or is it just another tech tool for both students and teachers? (for two takes on this story, also see Australian Universities to Return to ‘Pen and Paper’ Exams After Students Caught Using AI to Write Essays and The ChatGPT Bot Is Causing Panic Now – but It’ll Soon Be as Mundane a Tool as Excel)
How are constraints on competition related to innovation, corporate success, and employee well-being?
The Guardian: Jonathan Watts
“Many of the tensions now erupting both in Brazil and previously in the United States are related to stress on the old industrial capitalist model.” What does illegal logging have to do with democracy?
Poets&Quants: Marc Ethier
What will this year bring for business education? (also see 20 Predictions For 2023 From Business School Deans)
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