February 9, 2023
The Aspen Institute Business & Society Program: Judy Samuelson
Moving beyond heated rhetoric: What does business need in order to open the path to more sustainable corporate capitalism? In this series, Aspen’s Judy Samuelson interviews thought leaders to explore issues on the frontier of the complex domain of ESG.
New America: Deborah Avant
“If capitalism has changed before, it can change again.” The binary debate between green growth and degrowth has been going on for decades. Is it time for another alternative? (also see We Don’t Need ‘Miracle’ Technologies to Fix the Climate. We Have the Tools Now)
From an organizational perspective, why does this keep happening? And how should leaders address such potential pitfalls before they come back to bite?
Is it time to revisit our understanding of the Phillips curve?
Eater: Noah Galuten
“Figuring out what’s actually in a box of chicken stock shouldn’t be that hard. Right?”
High Country News: Jonathan Thompson
Solar energy projects can come with environmental costs that put conservationists and policymakers at odds. What if they didn’t have to choose? (also see Solar Panels Are the Midwest’s New Cash Crop as Green Energy Booms)
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