February 23, 2023
Brandeis University: Karen V. Hansen
“How do social structures and individual agency intertwine to produce gendered, raced, and classed individuals? How are structures reproduced through institutions and action over time and generation? How is change accomplished?” Tapping into the extensive archives of Black history and experience at the HistoryMakers, this course helps students explore the multiple dimensions of power, inequality and success.
For this founder, how did understanding the difference between a business and a company help her succeed through conflict? (also see A Year after the Invasion, the Russian Economy Is Self-Immolating)
Motherboard: Roshan Abraham
“Toxic material is the ambient noise to American capitalism.” Is it possible to disengage one from the other? (also see EPA Orders Norfolk Southern to Pay for East Palestine Cleanup and Did the Ohio Train Derailment Break a Social Contract?)
Where does your water come from, and is there enough? (also see Russia Draining a Ukraine Reservoir Foreshadows Future Water Wars)
What do Indigenous goals bring to business?
Futurism: Victor Tangermann
It’s true that AI is a reflection of humanity online, but what is the company’s responsibility here? (also see We Got a Psychotherapist to Examine the Bing AI’s Bizarre Behavior)
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