February 16, 2023
Financial Times: Andrew Jack, Prashant Yadav 
“If you get the right contract with the right government and properly de-risk, it’s great. If they don’t pay, it can kill you.” This pharma company is considering a big move in an unexpected direction. What would you do?
When conditions encourage risky behavior and short-term thinking, how can companies do the right thing?
The Guardian: David Smith
How can companies steer a consistent course in business and society? (also see Publishing Company Will Offer Free Black History E-Books, Especially in Florida)
The Week: Justin Klawans
“Tech companies are cutting thousands of jobs. Are the top bosses owning up to mistakes or ‘sidestepping the blame’?”
What do these “symbols of pop culture, religion, war, humor, irony and sorrow” reveal about the relationships between humans, commerce, and the natural world?
Poets&Quants: John A. Byrne, Jeff Schmitt
Who’s who and what’s what in the most recent rankings?
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