December 8, 2022
Quartz via Yahoo!Finance: Judy Samuelson
“What does this moment mean for corporations committed to taking the long view—to making investments to address firm-specific and systemic risks in an uncertain business environment, investments that will only prove out in time?” Also see
Inc.: Alex Bhattacharji
What is the full story behind one of the most shocking business headlines of the year? (also see the rest of this series on Companies That Put Purpose Before Profit)
Grid: Steve Reilly, Dave Levitan
How much is reliable energy worth, and what can be done to protect it? (also see Inside Ukraine’s Battle to Win the Infrastructure War)
Business Insider: Justin Vandehey
Linking an old industry to new commerce was a good idea. Why did it fail?
Why are the holidays so stressful? First, try not to be part of the problem. (also see How Can We Spot Fake Product Reviews?)
AACSB Thought Leadership
How are “market shifts and evolving stakeholder expectations shaping a new business education landscape”? (also see How Business Schools Can Help Tackle the Biggest Problems)
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