~ August 4, 2022 ~
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The Aspen Institute Business & Society Program: Nicholas Pearce
The road to change is often slow. How can we stay focused on the destination? Also, how can educators prepare students for successful leadership around diversity, equality and inclusion? We discuss this and more in our interview with Northwestern’s Nicholas Pearce, winner of the Ideas Worth Teaching Award for his course, “Beyond Diversity: The Fundamentals of Inclusive Leadership.”
Harvard Business Review: Ravi Chidambaram, Parag Khanna
Given that “the climate adaptation market could be worth $2 trillion a year within the next five years,” how does adaptation fit into the climate puzzle, both for business and for society? (also see Why U.S. Infrastructure Can’t Withstand Extreme Weather, Tech to Climate Career Changes and The Rise of the Restoration Economy)
Behavioral Scientist: Michael Hallsworth
“Saying ‘nudges work’ or ‘nudges don’t work’ is as meaningless as saying ‘drugs work’ or ‘drugs don’t work.’” What’s right, what’s wrong, and where does behavioral science go from here?

Academy of Management: The Aspen Institute Business & Society Program, King’s College London, University of Michigan
Attending AOM this year?
Join us in conversation with leading changemakers
5:00 PM – 6:30 PM EDT on Sunday, August 7th

You are invited for a compelling dive into the emerging field of corporate social intrapreneurship! This hybrid session is designed for academics interested in corporate entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, repurposing the corporation, and bottom-up approaches to the Climate Emergency.

Distinguished Speakers include:

• Bonnie Lei (Microsoft)
• Chris Librie (Applied Materials)
• Kelsea Ballantyne (former Boeing)
• Moderated by Maureen A. Scully (UMass Boston), hosted by Eli Malinsky & Nancy McGaw (Aspen Institute Business & Society Program) and organized by Elisa Alt (King’s College London), Katrin Heucher & Nicholas Poggioli (both at University of Michigan)

Diversity in the investment sector: Is it time for universities to start voting with their wallets?
Aeon: Steven Gonzalez Monserrate
All too human but “also heroes of a pragmatic sort”: Who keeps the wheels of digital capitalism turning?
“Could it be that men are simply better artists?” (Spoiler alert: no.)
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