August 10, 2023
Ideas Worth Teaching will be on sabbatical until August 31st, when we’ll return with more timely and exciting new resources for you. Have a great August!
McKinsey: Olivia White, Kevin Buehler, Sven Smit, Ezra Greenberg, Ritesh Jain, Guillaume Dagorret, Christiana Hollis
What do leaders need to know in order to navigate a business landscape where “change is the only constant”? (also see Geopolitical Resilience: The New Board Imperative)
KUNR: Kaleb Roedel, Elizabeth Miller
How can we better prepare workers for the ebb and flow of the coming “green gold rush”? (also see Big Oil’s Talent Crisis: High Salaries Are No Longer Enough and The U.S. Government Will Pay for Carbon Removal)
strategy+business: David Lancefield
What is intrapreneurship, how can companies get more of it?
“Why are we being asked to choose between working and staying alive?”
The Ringer: Lex Pryor
The “bee-industrial complex”: Can we rework the foundations of modern agriculture to support a more sustainable future? (also see Texas Farmers Experiment With Organic, Regenerative Agriculture)
Rest of World: Varsha Bansal
How has this globally dominant business school beaten the odds, and at what cost?
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