April 27, 2023
Note: Were off next week but will be back May 11th with more Ideas Worth Teaching!
How can employers “influence jobs, benefits, and culture to facilitate the workers’ journey toward becoming financially well”? This study summarizes one company’s successful efforts to do just that.
Vox: Samantha Oltman, Brian Resnick, Adam Clark Estes, Bryan Walsh
What’s causing the Colorado River water crisis, and what trade-offs may be required to solve it?
Stanford Social Innovation Review: Esha Chhabra
“Surely there must be a greater meaning in life than just acquiring things, accruing debt, and living on a hamster wheel in an endless pursuit to pay the bills?” (also see How Can Private Capital Help Scale the Green Transition?)
As AI impacts education and more, “how are business schools reacting in the face of such potentially sweeping change?”
Mother Jones: Bill McKibben
When should we protest change, and when should we embrace it? (also see From Crisis to Opportunity: Three Thinkers Rewriting the Climate Narrative)
Eater: Claudia Geib
Why is “the cocaine capital of the United States” in a New Jersey factory?
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