April 20, 2023
SSRN: Kurt M. Saunders
At the intersection of law and business, this case presents a new employee’s ethical dilemma around trade secrets. What is the line between employment and espionage?
Does the recent settlement signal more serious consequences for business “in this new era of the apparent deliberate creation of known lies for politics or profit”? (also see Dominion-Fox News Settlement: Main Takeaways and What’s Next and Fox Investors Seek Records in Possible Step Toward Suing Directors)
“Today’s leaders in the finance space face a dilemma: Do they use their financial ‘seat at the table’ to convince a company to become greener? Or do they divest their funds, sending a signal to the company and market that dirty industries will find it harder to raise money?”
CBC News: Emily Chung
What’s the magic formula?
“The Tesla founder has broken ground on a plot in Texas, while Google and Meta are building workers’ homes in California. Should we be celebrating or worrying?”
Stanford Graduate School of Business: Jonathan B. Berk, Joshua D. Rauh
“Why did bankers and regulators ignore a lesson that MBA students learn in the first weeks of our managerial finance class?”
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