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Some friendly giants make a visit to the Order's 36th International Summer Camp
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"A Place Without Barriers"
Every year, the Order of Malta’s summer camps for Disabled Youth gather together young people from across the world, raising aspirations, challenging misconceptions and nurturing friendships. Solely run by the love, energy, enthusiasm and resourcefulness of the youth of the Order, guests of every ability and background come together to swim, raft, dance, ride quadbikes, make music and pray.

With the help of our generous donors, the Fund has given 20 grants in support of these camps since 2012. Here we share stories from some of the eight camps funded this summer across Europe and the Middle East, and news of a camp to come in Asia.
Grant Spotlight
Magical Summer Memories
I sometimes wonder if this is what heaven looks like”
A guest at the Order's International Summer Camp for Disabled Youth 2019, Ettal, Germany
The Order’s summer camps have an astounding effect on both helpers and guests. For volunteers, the camps are an opportunity to grow in confidence and discover the joy of serving others. For attendees, they are a precious reminder of the opportunities life holds, that their disability need not be a barrier to friendship or fun, and that the impossible can be made possible.

If your camp hasn’t been celebrated here, let us know! You can email us or link in with us on social media:
“Thank you for giving me the greatest moments of my life!”
The Order’s 36th International Holiday Camp for disabled people took place at the Benedictine monastery in Ettal this year. The German Association hosted 500 participants from 23 countries for a week of rafting, paragliding, indoor skydiving, parties and games. Benedikt, one of the camp’s organisers, remembers an unforgettable week here.
“Disabled and healthy people open up to each other like nowhere else”

The most insightful descriptions of the Order's summer camps often come from the young people who attend them. In this beautiful testimony Attila reflects on his experience at the Romanian Relief Service's camp at Valcele, where there are “no taboos, no pity, only compassion and unconditional love”.
And Inspiration
“I was awed by the energy and compassion of the network’s young volunteers”

The Fund’s Grants Manager, Ruth Stanley, visited the Malteser Youth International Network’s first summer camp for volunteers this August. The week saw 80 volunteers from seven central and eastern European countries come together for team-building sessions, leadership training and games.
Remember the Forgotten
Leaving a Legacy

With the support of our generous donors, we can help more disabled young people like Attila to make life-changing friendships. 

Dunstan de Souza, a recently retired managing partner of a law firm and dedicated member of the Australian Association, has pledged to leave a bequest to the Fund, ensuring the Order’s service to the poor and disabled continues beyond his lifetime. Read more about why he wants to do this here.

Consider remembering the Forgotten in your will today. Contact Emily for more information.
Faces of the Fund
Désirée Jebsen, Hospitaller of the Hong Kong Association 
“The experience of helping someone is something you remember for the rest of your life”.

In this month’s interview Désirée Jebsen shares her experiences with the Order, first as a pilgrim in Lourdes and later as Hospitaller of the Hong Kong Association, and how these impact on her role on the Fund’s US Board of Directors.

We also spoke about the exciting growth of the Order in Asia, and the upcoming Asia-Pacific Summer Camp, hosted by the Hong Kong Association this October.
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Unforgettable Gifts
Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or seeking a unique present for a loved one, a donation to the Fund is a meaningful gift that will light up faces across the world.

If you would like to support more life-changing projects like the summer camps for disabled youth, why not consider inviting donations for Christmas, a birthday, or another landmark occasion? You can find more information about our Unforgettable Gifts here.
Spotlight On...
People on the Move
“It is our duty to bring the principles of humanity and solidarity back into the narrative of migration”

As one of the world’s oldest humanitarian organisations, the Order of Malta’s long experience in caring for displaced people reflects the importance of responding to those in need with respect and dignity instead of marginalisation and discrimination.

In this compelling article, Grand Chancellor Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager explores the complex factors that have led 258 million people worldwide to abandon their homes, what role the Order can play in meeting the evolving needs of people on the move, and the importance of maintaining a narrative of humanity if we hope to retain our own.
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