March 2021 | ITP Palo Alto Series
3-part series with

March 20, 27 and April 24
8:30 to 11:30 am PDT via Zoom
Invitation and Overview
Barry Robbins, Erik Riswold and Pam Kramer helped start ITP Palo Alto in 2004. The ITP Palo Alto group wants to deepen our practice by exploring with Barry the origins and reasons for various ITP practices. Our group is also interested in exploring our evolving future as an ITP practice community. Click here for Schedule and Program Details.
Recently, several ITPI community members deepened their practice by attending our Aikido series with Sue Ann McKean. We believe this 3-Saturday series with Barry Robbins will also deepen your practice and invite you to join us on March 20, 27 and April 24, 8:30 to 11:30 am PDT via Zoom. Click here to learn more about Barry Robbins, ITP Mastery teacher, ITPI Vice President, co-leader of ITP San Francisco and co-founder of Evolutionary Sports.
Please read the last two chapters of The Future of the Body, Chapter 25: Elements of Transformative Practice and Chapter 26: Integral Practices, pages 555 to 586 (31 pages). Click here to read the content.
For further information, contact Michael Choy.