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April 18, 2019
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The 2019 ITGA City & University Relations Conference Update
Thanks to those who've registered for the conference, and for those who've been too busy, please join us in State College, May 19-22. With a record 60-plus sessions and other programs, (click here), ITGA continues to raise the bar on town-gown relations in 36 states, the U.K., and Canada. With over 100 new attendees, we are growing thanks to you and your daily work on many fronts. More than ever, the conference is a great chance to learn and connect with college town leaders, and maybe relax a little! Special rates run through Tuesday, April 30. Registration closes May 6. Please help us promote the conference (and your session) by using the ITGA social media toolkit. We hope to see you in State College.
Georgetown Students Vote Overwhelming in Favor of $27 Fee for Slavery Reparations
Georgetown University could become the first college in the nation to mandate a fee to benefit descendants of slaves sold by the university nearly 200 years ago, a debate that takes place against the backdrop of a broader political conversation unfolding on the 2020 presidential campaign trail about reparations. By almost a 2-to-1 margin, students approved the measure, which still must be approved by the university to go into effect. The school's undergraduates voted Thursday on the referendum, which would increase tuition by $27.20 per semester to create a fund benefiting descendants of the 272 slaves sold to pay off Georgetown's Jesuits' debt, a move that saved the university financially. ABC News
Athens City Council Reviewing Laws that Would Regulate E-Scooters and Bikes
Athen's City Hall and city council is reviewing legislation that will regulate "micro transit" companies, like Bird scooters, if they come to town. "We've already heard from a few of [the companies]," said Andy Stone, Service Safety director for Athens. Stone said other cities have been caught off guard by the arrival of e-bikes, e-scooters and similar forms of transportation. The legislation the city is putting forth will have laws in place when the micro transit arrives in Athens. "Our legislation will require them to have 24-hour employees and a 24-hour response, if we have a problem," Stone said. ABC 6
UConn in Hartford: A Camus with a View
UConn and the other nearby educational institutions are part of emerging "Hartford as a college town" efforts that have our students working and interning in corporate and government offices and community and arts organization in the downtown core and in neighborhoods throughout the city and region. Weaving the students into the city and its businesses benefits everyone. Students learn how their classroom learning translates to job skills, and businesses get connected to potential future employees. The undergraduate student body is mostly first-generation and minority, including sizable Muslim and veteran populations, so our campus community reflects the diversity of Hartford and the surrounding towns, where most of these Hartford Huskies come from. Hartford Courant
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