April 20, 2023
Announcing ITGA Conference Keynote Speaker: Jim Davidson
Join us on Wednesday, June 7, as best-selling author and adventurer Jim Davidson shares his adventures and resilience lessons. A high-altitude leader, Jim has scaled high peaks from Argentina to Nepal, and Bolivia to Tibet. From his 39 years of adventure and survival, Jim distills compelling stories and uplifting lessons about how to overcome change, challenge, and uncertainty.
The ITGA Conference Schedule is Available!
The annual ITGA conference will be June 7-9, a time to step away from the duties and the daily grind, to stroll outside between conference sessions, to invest in your career and in yourself where hundreds of town-gown professionals gather, from city officials and municipal managers, to community relations, public safety and student affairs experts in higher education. Spring is a time of fresh starts. Let the ITGA conference be yours.
The Certificate in Town Gown Relations Level II
Reframing and Aligning Equity Efforts in Town Gown Communities
This pre-conference program will illuminate what is commonly taken for granted when striving for equitable outcomes and systems-level change. Participants will deepen their understanding of DEIJ with respect to vision and values that move beyond an emphasis on “outputs” towards equity and liberation that benefits all marginalized groups.

Dr. Cori Wong, Positive Philosophy Consulting, LLC
2023 International Campus & Community Day
Across the globe, campuses and their host communities enhance the lives of many through their economic and civic partnerships. You are invited to join ITGA in spotlighting some of the amazing work going on within your community or organization as we prepare for the second annual Campus & Community Day. How can you participate? Click here to learn more.
National & International Headlines
ASCSU Hosts Roundtable with FoCo City Council
The event was designed to teach students how City Council operates, help students get to know council members and what they are working on and allow students to express their priorities as constituents.
More Businesses Partner for Student Work Program
Dubbed a “win-win-win” program by Miami officials, Work Plus students get valuable career experience and free tuition, local companies get paid, and Miami’s booming pipeline is expanded.
Student Housing Crisis: Calls for More Strategic Approach
Student housing shortages are forcing drastic action globally, with some Dutch universities telling international students not to come to the Netherlands unless they have secured accommodation.
Recommitting to 'Stewardship of Place'
Regional public colleges and universities are increasingly partnering with local industry and community leaders to support economic and social growth, according to a new report by AASCU.
International Town & Gown Association
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