September 1, 2022
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Racial Justice and Equity Committee
Please join co-chairs Summur Roberts and Nicole Prewitt as they lead a discussion regarding new and innovative ways for members to facilitate healing and liberation for historically marginalized people. This committee meets the second Thursday of each month at 11:00 (EDT).
ITGA Water Cooler Chat on Off-Campus Housing
Last week's Water Cooler Chat was a real hit! Learning how colleagues are dealing with the housing crunch were insightful. Strategies included homeshare programs, inclusionary and temporary housing, and student ambassadors. We hope to explore this issue in deeper context soon.
ITGA Lottery Winner... Mayor Robert Halfacre!

"I will donate the $100.00 to the Community Foundation of Greater Clemson. Thank you ITGA for helping to address needs and create positive change in the greater Clemson area. Every amount makes a difference."
Mayor Robert Halfacre, City of Clemson, SC

Thanks to everyone who completed the survey!
National & International Headlines
Campus and Community Party Together During Rally BG
Rally Bowling Green was the brainchild of Mayor Mike Aspacher and BGSU President Rodney Rogers. Last year, it brought students out as pandemic restrictions were easing. "Coming downtown helps first year students feel like part of the community," Rogers said.
When Gown Embraces Town - Ball State University in Muncie
Over the past five years, the most dramatic step Ball State has taken might also be the most consequential. In 2018, the city turned the management of its entire K-12 public school over to the public university, something with no clear precedent in American higher education.
Students' Union says Lack of Housing Caused Catastrophe
It comes as the students' union had appealed to homeowners to consider renting a room to students for the upcoming academic year. The union has launched a "digs drive" and is asking homeowners in Dublin to make spare rooms available to students this fall.
Impact on Local Community is More Than Monetary
Two reports released by an independent economic research firm concluded that Chapman University's activities generate significant economic output that supports thousands of jobs and creates millions of dollars in essential tax revenues at the state and local level.
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