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September 30, 2021

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Making the 2020 Census Count

ITGA partnered with the US Census Bureau on a webinar to discuss the CQR Process.


National & International Headlines

Rutgers Welcomes 'Froshmores' with New Orientation

Rutgers devised ways to welcome two classes of students: the freshman and the "froshmores." A term, coined by parents of this unique sophomore class on social media, refers to students who have been robbed of traditional rites of passage due to COVID-19.

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California Students: Use a Condom, Save the Polar Bears

In honor of World Contraception Day, Sept. 26, the Center for Biological Diversity donated 1,400 “endangered species” condoms with slogans like “Wrap with care, save the polar bear” and “Before it gets any hotter, think of the sea otter.”

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A Message to Our Community: Unsanctioned Halifax Street Parties

Dalhousie is committed to being a good neighbour and our expectation is that our students are as well. We stand with our peer universities working to address street parties as they become a complex and growing problem across North American university campuses. 

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New Student Initiative on Marijuana Criminal Record Expungement

Six months after New Jersey officially legalized marijuana, a new initiative on campus aims to spread awareness about criminal record expungement for formerly incarcerated people statewide Over 362,000 have been expunged since July 1.

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City University Partnerships Benefiting Residents

The city of Boston, Northeastern University, Harvard University and other higher education institutions are collaborating on research projects and offering insights into daily life in the city to help policymakers better understand and serve residents.

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