ITGA Conference and "Connects!"
Good morning, afternoon or evening, at the start of another week to serve ITGA members, college towns in transition, and colleagues worldwide.

The ITGA brand is growing as never before, and last week a board member was asked what "ITGA" stands for, as his fellow Zoomer had heard of us, but always as an acronym. The correct response was given, but our colleague said in hindsight he could have responded, " I nclusive/intelligent, T enacious/timely, G enuine/giving, A ligned/anticipatory. Those reflective words represent, in part, why ITGA is growing and has never been more essential. This week, as April 2020 draws to a close, we appreciate your leadership, advice, and staying power, as always.
Conference: Specs and Tracks
ITGA's virtual conference will be the same as our original dates, June 1-3. Progressive sessions will touch on current challenges and opportunities, and news of the day.

As touched on in a recent "ITGA Connects" webinar and reported in a Forbes Magazine article , town and gown relationships have never been more important, and our conference will reflect that fact.

Specs for June 1-3, noon-4 EDT each day Rates: Students $175, ITGA members $250, non-members $350. Registration made easy: ITGA will transfer your current registration to a "virtual ticket" and refund the difference between what you've paid or please, add a colleague, your call. To register, click here .

Tracks, near-future call for proposals : This will be the most important conference in ITGA history, with presentations on current events and future initiatives tied to COVID-19. The 2020 conference theme is "Partners in Action." ITGA will be accepting interactive proposals on these topics:

  • Crisis communication and community engagement
  • Off-campus life and neighborhood challenges
  • Economic recovery and innovation

Call for Proposals will open Friday, May 1. Questions on all things conference, including registration: Call or email: 303-884-0279 or and we'll see you in early June.
The Week's ITGA Connects
"Building common ground on landlords/property owners: Community and students living off-campus during COVID-19" will be the topic of Thursday's ITGA Connects, noon-1:00 ET.

Led by Salisbury University's Chief of Staff Eli Modlin and Associate Dean of Students Dr. Lawanda Dockins-Mills, both engaged in their local Town-Gown Council. Thursday's webinar will focus on unprecedented stressors for students and landlords, and strategies geared toward finding common ground on a variety of impacts, contractual obligations, unemployment, food insecurity, and the role of student leadership and collaborative groups, including the Town Gown Council. To participate Thursday, contact .

To pitch your own future ITGA Connects session, contact .

Thank you for your inputs and staying in touch, and hopes for your good health, at every level, moving forward.

Beth Bagwell, MPA
ITGA Executive Director
International Town & Gown Association