ITGA: "Connects" and Collaborations
Greetings friends, near and far. It's another day to serve our shared communities, while continuing to virtually lead and bond in historic circumstances. Thank you again, on so many fronts, and in so many ways. Two key updates from recent days:

ITGA Connects: Our new success story! Now we need inputs on your great work!

In recent months, ITGA has led a series of meetings on topics of high-level interest for both our members and national organizations, ranging from the economic impacts of COVID-19 to evolving Census protocols.

Last week's " ITGA Connects " focused on "College Towns in Crisis" and "Student Outreach," with dozens of engaged members asking great questions and sharing innovative solutions of their own. Of note on the " Towns in Crisis " segment was coverage in last week's Forbes Magazine .

Our new initiative has been inspirational, and again reflects the power of all things ITGA. Looking ahead, a panel of higher-ed students will lead a webinar on this topic, date tbd: "College town populations ebb and flow, and millions of college and university students are engaged with virtual instruction. What has worked, what hasn't, and what's needed, both on and off campus, from the student perspective? Details coming soon.

Now, we need you and your colleagues to step away from the fray a bit (if possible) and consider hosting an ITGA Connects. Your campus and/or community likely has new initiatives tied to current events, ranging from big-picture recovery programs, to nuts-and-bolts solutions to daily challenges. Your colleagues need fresh ideas and inspiration via "ITGA Connects" and we need you to share.

"ITGA Connects" programs are usually 60 minutes long, supported by staff. No one is expecting extreme polish and world-class production values, but accessible information and some Q&A. In short, we need to hear about your great work, now more than ever. To pitch your idea, send an email to and thanks for any consideration in this regard.
ITGA Collaborations: Increasingly essential
In the last few weeks, on a regular basis, ITGA has been working with the National League of Cities (NLC) and The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) on shared interests, including the Census.

We were grateful to see this article from Gloria Betcher, a City Council member from Ames, IA and chair of NLC's University Communities Council.

From the lead: " Life in the age of coronavirus has established a new 'normal' in college towns across the nation, and that 'normal' is anything but ."

We appreciate the NLC, ICMA and all our colleagues, here and around the world!

Thank you for your inputs and staying in touch, and hopes for your good health, at every level, moving forward.

Beth Bagwell, MPA
ITGA Executive Director
International Town & Gown Association