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Bits and Pieces

January 23, 2024

The Phoenix Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival time has arrived! It begins Thursday, Jan. 25 and ends on the 27. Doors open officially at 10 am at the Az. State Fairgrounds, but unofficially have opened about 15 minutes earlier at Building 2, the Green Building. That’s where we will be. Find us near the entry door at Booths 804-805 and across the aisle at 902-905. We are there representing Grace Co. with the new Little Rebel longarm quilting and sewing combination machine, the new Cutie Breeze tabletop frame, as well as all the other sizes of Q’nique machines and frames. We will, again, have a representative from Grace Co. there in the booths with us to help you also. There will be some great SPECIAL PRICES for you at the show, plus Sun Valley Quilts is offering additional specials for you that were not available at the Road to California show. You have questions, we have solutions!  

The new thing we’re trying this year is our answer to the demo.; We are opening up two booths where we want you to just have the opportunity to play, so we’ve called it THE PLAYGROUND. Here, we will be showing you about what else you can do on your longarm, like ruler work, fill techniques on the quilt, free motion, quilting with a really small frame using your domestic machine (and you can still quilt a king sized quilt on this frame!), quilting on a larger frame with a full longarm machine, customizing your quilt, and more. It’s more of a no-stress techniques and possibilities area. Whether you’re a big-time quilter or a just-curious about a longarm quilter, we ask you to come on over and share ideas and talents with us in the playground and try your hand. With the tops that you’ve quilted, we’re going to cut them into sizes, get them bound and donate them to the Az. Humane Society here in Phoenix and to Four Paws (for cats) in Youngtown. The animals will be ever so grateful to have something warm and soft to snuggle with, you get to play with making paw prints, hearts, your name or whatever, and we all get to feel warm and fuzzy about doing something wonderful for the homeless critters!  

Then our SEW SMART EVENT Feb. 10 will be to all come in and bring your binding scraps or 2.5” pre-cut strip scraps or your “what-was-I-thinking-when-I- bought-that???” fabric , your machine, and help us bind quickly for the critters. We can also serge the quilt edges, so bring your serger. Stay as long as you want, and any time will be appreciated. This all assumes that we will have lots of people playing in our Playground area, and that we get lots of response from you…fingers crossed to have lots to donate! We are anticipating another great show, and with your help, we’ll make it so!!!

More good news for SEW SMART and our Door Banner of the Month: our first Banner has arrived! We will be handing them out at our next SEW SMART on Feb. 10. Supply is limited for sure. So if you’re going to participate, sign and pay now. I have reduced the price for you to a rock bottom $34.99 per kit, which contains everything you need to make the top. Each banner was designed to represent a different monthly theme, each was designed by a different Riley Blake designer, each is the same size, each comes in a unique Keepsake Box. if you pre-pay for all 12 kits, you will be assured to get all 12. I even have in stock the metal banner holders which you mount once, leave up and just easily change out the banners. These would make a wonderful shower or wedding gift, a door decoration, or whatever. Since each pattern and designer are different, you will find that you are also learning new techniques. While we aren’t having a formal class on the banners, you may choose to sit and sew them on SEW SMART day when you pick them up, and Cora will be here for any questions. The first banner is the Easter banner, and we have samples of some of the others on the wall for you to see. All are timely, all are cute, all are fun to make. With this new bang-up price, all are affordable. Hope you agree.

One further reminder is for the Mystery Quilt with Michelle, which takes place Feb. 2, 3 and 4. You’ve been enjoying making them with Michelle’s great advice and teaching, and I’ve enjoyed seeing them and how differently each one turns out from just one pattern. There is still room in the class, but sign up soon. It will be interesting to see what everyone turns out with this mystery.

That’s all for now, except to remind you that the shop is still open at regular hours through the show. We will have split crews at both locations, so be sure and stop by to say “Hi”, do a bit of “work” in the Playground for the animals, and have a great time. We will even do a special of the week: Basics and Blenders, at 20% off in shop or online, when you give us the code BASIC20. That’s all you have to do to claim that 20%! Here’s hoping for a fun and safe week for all of us!

Barbara and the Quilting Cuties at SVQ

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