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"It's a Great Day to be a REBEL!"

Vision: The Haralson County School District will be recognized as a leader in
improving student achievement for all students.

Mission: The Haralson County School District will produce high-achieving
students who will graduate and become productive and responsible citizens.

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HCSD is Closing the Gap or Exceeding Regional/State Achievement in Most Content Areas

The 2023 academic school year proved to be a very successful one for students, families, and faculty and staff in the Haralson County community.

While the regional academic scores from the Northwest GA RESA area continue to lag behind 2019 pre-Covid achievement levels, the students of HCSD are growing in the opposite direction. In all four areas of language arts, math, science, and social studies, Haralson County students scored at higher overall levels than 2019, and our school system is actually exceeding both the region and the state average in 3 out of 4 areas for the 2nd consecutive year (Math, Science, and Social Studies)

"This is a big step forward for our team, and I am so proud of our students and teachers and staff and all the moms and dads and grandparents who have helped us along the way, " shared Superintendent Dr. Jerry Bell. "I also want to commend our school administrators and our instructional leaders at our district office who are helping our vision come to light. Even with this strong achievement growth, we are not yet where we want to be and will never quit working to improve. With that said, you also have to stop sometimes and celebrate progress with your people and cheer them on, and we definitely have much to celebrate. It's a win for our entire community, but especially for the kids."

The academic area of highest performance for Haralson students is math, whether elementary, middle, or high school. While the state performed at 38% proficient or higher, Haralson county scholars pulled ahead by a full 10 points at approximately 48%.

Of particular notice in the last two years has been HCSD's focus on reading and language arts achievement. In 2019, the system lagged the state by 11 points in the percentage of English/Language Arts (ELA) students who performed at the proficient/distinguished level (the two highest levels), but as of 2023, Haralson students have closed the gap to 4 points.

Some highlights of the 2023 achievement data:

  • Since 2015 and with the implementation of GA's new testing system almost ten years ago, the system has increased overall achievement in proficiency/distinguished categories in all four content areas of language arts, math, science, and social studies.
  • ELA Students in 3rd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and American Literature (HCHS) beat the state in percentage of students performing at the developing level and above.
  • Math students in 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and Algebra I (HCHS) beat the Georgia average for the percentage of proficient level or above learners.
  • Science students in 5th, 8th, Physical Science, and Biology (HCHS) beat the state average in proficiency or above. (science tests not administered to other grades)
  • 8th Grade Social Studies beat the state average in proficiency or above.

For a full look at achievement in grades 3-12 last year, CLICK HERE.

West Haralson House Sorting Ceremony 2023-2024. New faculty, new students and third graders joined their houses today. The Houses will compete throughout the year to win the House Cup.
BES is Lining Up in Spirit for Academics!

BES held an Academic Pep Rally to get the students pumped about the upcoming STAR Assessment, Accelerated Reader, and all around academics. Several activities were held to see grade level spirit!
District support staff from across the district visited schools for Open House and the first day of school in order to welcome students and assist with their safe arrival!

´╗┐Thanks to Dr. Bell, Mr. Cole, and Mr. Crosby for stopping by!

It's that time of year. Our precious boys and girls are once again riding in the big yellow school buses driven by our fantastic and dedicated bus drivers!

We realize that everyone is busy, rushing to get to work and school and living their hectic lives, but we ask everyone to remember that our most important treasure in Haralson County is riding in those school buses, standing at bus stops, and crossing busy streets and highways.

Please never be too busy that you don't pay attention and look out for our students at bus stops and crosswalks...and PLEASE make sure to look for the big yellow CHEESE each morning and afternoon and wave to our future leaders.

Protect our boys and girls!
HCMS Students Conduct their "House Sorting" Ceremony

HCMS 6th graders and new teachers were inducted and welcomed into one of the four houses last Friday! We may be divided into 4 houses, but we are ALL REBELS!
Dear Rebel Parents, Staff, and Community,

I say this every year, but every year, I MEAN IT!

"It's going to be a GREAT YEAR TO BE A REBEL!"

If you are new to the community or to our school system, please let me and our Board of Education and staff be the first to welcome you for the 2023-2024 school year in Haralson County!

As a grandparent of two HCSD students and as a graduate of Haralson County High School myself, I will bet you feel just like me. As you hold their hands and walk them into school (or wave goodbye as they get in the car and drive themselves), our staff, Board, and I realize that your hopes and dreams are walking into our schools tomorrow! Knowing this, I promise you that our team will commit ourselves to their safety, their academic growth, and their futures, walking right alongside our families this year.

Whether your child is a phenomenal member of the Senior Class of 2024, an underclassmen leader at HCHS, a growing Rebel at HCMS, or one of our young scholars, artists, and champions at BPS, BES, TPS, or WHES, we are excited to be a part of their journey to a high school diploma and beyond this year.

And speaking of the journey, I encourage every parent and guardian reading this letter to look for ways to get your children involved in some type of extra-curricular activity this year.

If there is one thing I have learned over the years, it's that students who are involved in activities of the schools are more successful and happy in the classroom as well. We have something for everyone, whether it is our athletic programs, fine arts programs, STEM and Career opportunities, and various clubs that will help each and every student in HCSD find something that interests them.

Working together as a community for our children, it will definitely be a GREAT YEAR TO BE A REBEL!


Dr. Jerry Bell, Superintendent
It's Time to KICK OFF the Rebel Nation!

HCHS and HCMS are ready for the fall athletic and marching band season for 2023-2024!

Our musicians and athletes and talented fine arts students are preparing as we speak to compete and show excellence in Cheerleading, Cross Country, Football, Softball, Volleyball, Marching Band, Drama, and much more!

We hope our parents, fans, and community members will come out and cheer them on this fall, and you can access athletic schedules for all fall HCHS sports HERE! (Stay tuned for HCMS schedules)
The 2023-2024 Career Guide is HERE!
It's time to start helping our young Rebels think about what careers they will pursue. We have so many opportunities at the HCSD College & Career Academy!

Click below to learn more!

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