IT Finance Services partners with Yooz

to introduce their e-Invoicing and P2P Automation to the Legal Vertical.

Easy | Powerful | Smart - Yooz

At ITFS we are always on the lookout for great solutions that improve law firm effectiveness.

Therefore, I wanted to make you aware of Yooz a Purchase to Pay solution that was born in the cloud and has 5,000+ clients worldwide. (getyooz)

We were very impressed with the product and it brings to the Legal vertical additional choice when seeking an automated solution for P2P and Employee Expenses.

David Gallagher CEO of ITFS commented: 'This partnership signifies our commitment to delivering innovative IT solutions to the legal market. By combining our expertise with Yooz's advanced automation platform, we aim to elevate financial operations for legal practices, driving efficiency and fostering growth'

Céline Duplessis P2P - AP Automation consultant for Yooz commented: “Partnering with IT Finance Services is a strategic move to empower legal professionals with cutting-edge automation solutions. We are excited about the possibilities this collaboration holds for transforming financial processes in the legal sector."

If you would like more info on Yooz in the meantime, you can contact David, details below.

For more information contact: David Gallagher | Managing Consultant |

T: +44 (0)7971 537 596


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