September 3, 2019
Walekhwa Abel Wilson, President
I am an Ugandan by nationality in African Continent. Currently am pursuing my Masters degree of Public Health at Mbarara University of Science and Technology in Uganda. Prior to that I did my undergraduate Bachelors degree in Environmental Health science at Makerere University- Kampala and Postgraduate diploma in Health services Management at Islamic University in Uganda. More info. Click here!
Musiime Victor, Vice President of Outreach
I'm a finalist student (5th year) pursuing a Bachelor's degree of Veterinary Medicine at Makerere University, Kampala - Uganda soon to graduate as wildlife veterinary doctor and surgeon in January 2020.

I´m a One health enthusiast and champion, animal welfare advocate and passionate about good health for animals, humans and of the environment in which the latter and former thrive. I have a diverse career line from Companion animal practice, large animal practice, wildlife veterinary practice to public health and research in health. More info. Click here!
Patrick Lennard, Secretary General

Patrick studied his undergraduate BBiotechMedRes at the University of Tasmania in his home state, with majors in neuroscience and immunology. For his Honours year, he continued his studies with the Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumour Disease research group. He is currently studying an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree in Infectious Diseases and One Health, moving between Tours (France), Barcelona (Spain) and Edinburgh (U.K.). From these experiences he is developing a broad specialization in One Health - from the molecular to the epidemiological - which he hopes to use in addressing new and emerging diseases and phenomena. More info. Click here!
Jorge González Meza, Vice President of Marketing
I´m a student leader of One Health Colombia and I study Administration in Finance and International Business. I have worked with the One Health Concept since 2018. Right now I´m working on a Feasibility study for the creation of a consulting company in wildlife in Colombia and also I work with a Wildlife Study Group called GEDFAS from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootech-nics, University of Cordoba. In the One Health approach, we bring to the com-munities all our investigations, and share our laboratories to teach them how to prevent zoonotic diseases and how to conserve human, animal, and environmental health. More info. Click here!
Andreas Pappas, Vice President of Education

I study veterinary medicine in University of Thessaly, Greece. During my studies I had different roles at my university, at our IVSA chapter and at IVSA Global. What makes me love and want to serve the One Health concept was my work as One Health manager of IVSA Thessaly and as YouTube Creator of the IVSA Standing Committee on One Health (SCOH). My position as VP for Education makes me very happy because through this I can help not only vet students, but also students in other health fields. May this period be very productive and I prove worthy of my goals and your expectations. More info. Click here!
Yusuf Modu Bole, Vice President of Finance
I am from a humble background in North eastern Nigeria. I reflect varied personalities, ambition, and qualities of generosity and thoughtfulness. I'm well determine and vigorous individual yet pleasantly calm. In order to prepare myself before enrollment in the veterinary school, I obtained my National Diploma and Higher National Diploma in Animal Health and Production and Animal Health respectively from the same institution (Mohammet Lawan College of Agriculture, Maiduguri, Nigeria) in 2014. More info. Click here!
The annual One Young World Summit convenes the brightest young talent from every country and sector, working to accelerate social impact. Delegates from 190+ countries are counseled by influential political, business and humanitarian leaders such as Justin Trudeau, Paul Polman and Meghan Markle, amongst many other global figures.
OYW Kampala International University Caucus
Uganda has one of the world's largest percentages of young people under 30 – is estimated at 78% –Unfortunately, this young population suffers from one of the highest unem-ployment rates in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is estimated that more than 400,000 young people graduate from Ugandan universities each year and yet, the market can provide only 8,000 jobs annually. In addition, some of the knowledge and educa-tion being passed onto young people is obsolete and no longer relevant to our changing circumstances .
Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene  Annual Meeting: One Health

16 – 17 September, 2019

The Annual Meeting will examine the changing world from a One Health perspective. Two major themes of surveillance and delivery of healthcare will be considered through the cross-cutting lenses of economics, social sciences and technology. We aim to end the meeting with a clear steer towards what RSTMH should be focusing on operationally and strategically in this space, as one of our priority areas.
We launched our pilot ISOHA Mentorship Program this year after receiving strong interest from both mentors and mentees. Ultimately, we matched over 230 students representing 34 countries with over 150 professionals from 41 different countries and with a vast range of backgrounds including veterinarians, doctors, engineers, and social scientists. Thanks to their hard work and dedication to the program, interdisciplinary One Health networks expanded around the world. 
Please see our newsletter at the link below summarizing the program highlights. We are inspired by the international connections, meaningful conversations, and professional relationships that have developed through this program.
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