From the Desk of the ISGVF Executive Council

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

We hope that you and your loved ones had a very blessed Eid-ul-Fitr! May Allah Subhana Wa Ta'ala allow us to reach Ramadan once again, Ameen. May Allah reward all those who have done good deeds during the month of Ramadan and accept the life-long good intentions of the Muslim Ummah that please Allah, Ameen.

On behalf of ISGVF, the Executive Council would like to thank all volunteers for their commitment and efforts not only before, during, and after Eid prayers and Eid breakfast, but throughout the month of Ramadan. April is National Volunteer Month, so we honor the selfless spirit of those who volunteer with the intention to please Allah. May Allah bless them and their loved ones, and protect and reward them here and in the hereafter, Ameen. We are always looking for new volunteers, however little time you can give; please complete the Volunteer sign-up form on the website, or contact the office administrator at

The EC is actively making plans for Eid-ul-Adha (June 28), Insha'Allah. Stay tuned for more information on this as it develops.

Respectfully yours,

ISGVF Executive Council

From the Imam

All praise and thanks are due to Allah ﷻ for all that He has given us. “If you were to count the blessings of Allah, you would not be able to count them.” (Surah Al-Nahl, Ayah 18)

This is your brother Aqib Choudhury. I was born and raised in New York City. Alhamdulillah, I completed my memorization of the Qur’an there. After high school, I was blessed by Allah ﷻ to be able to study in the Islamic University of Madinah where I graduated in 2019 from the Faculty of Islamic Law. After graduation, I served as an Imam and Youth Director at Jamaica Muslim Center in NYC. Now I have been given the opportunity to come out here and join your community at the Islamic Society of Greater Valley Forge.

I am very excited to join the incredible ISGVF team. Alhamdulillah, ISGVF already provides so many services for this community and I am happy to be able to add to that in whatever capacity I can. I am looking forward to getting to know the community and working with you all. By the permission of Allah ﷻ, together, we can continue to build this community and make it a place of benefit, knowledge, and where all can build the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Wassalamu Alaikum,

Imam Aqib Choudhury

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Newsletter April 2023

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Alhamdulillah the ISGVF Eid-ul-Fitr prayers were held at the Stardust Hotel in King of Prussia. After prayers, the community was invited back to ISGVF for a continental breakfast. 

Eid Dinner

The ISGVF Eid Dinner was back! The community was invited to top off Eid-ul-Fitr with an evening of family, friends, and making new friends. Those families who attended with their children were offered a babysitting service where the kids also enjoyed the night with games, face painting, henna, and of course balloons!

Interfaith Committee

After a busy month of Ramadan, the Interfaith Committee hosted two groups of students.

The committee hosted 24 students from Strath Haven High School, accompanied by their instructor Daniel Paterson and a parent. There was an interactive discussion where we were pleased to observe their curiosity and their desire to learn, demonstrated by the many good questions they had for us. They then were invited to observe Zuhr prayer.

The Committee also hosted 22 students from Arcadia University accompanied by Adjunct Professor Nora Moffat. The questions ranged from general concepts in Islam to specifics about fasting and the hijab. Afterwards they observed the Asr prayer.

The Committee concluded the group visits by treating their guests to pizza and ice cream. The Committee is looking forward to sharing the feedback the groups promised to send to the Committee.

Weekend School Updates

School Reminders

  • Final exams will be on May 20th/21st. The prior week will be review-week as normal. Also, as usual, all exams must be submitted prior to the Final Exams day.
  • 2023 Graduation will be on June 11th.

Monthly Activities at ISGVF

*Family Halaqa (every Friday after Isha)

*Kids' Story Time and other activities (every Friday after Isha)

*YM Girls Halaqa (every Friday after Maghrib)

*Ilm Hour for Children (every Saturday at 6 pm)

*Sisters' Weekly Halaqa in Arabic (every Thursday, 11 am)

*Sisters' Bi-weekly Halaqa in English (2nd & 4th Tuesday, 6:30 pm)

*Sisters' Halaqa in Urdu (3rd Wednesday of the month 11 am)

*Growing Up Muslim in America for Young Men (2nd & 4th Thursday 7:45-9pm)

*Sisters Reading Club (last Wednesday of the month 6:30 pm)

*YM Boys Halaqa (every Saturday afternoons)

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