The IRIS Update - Spring 2024

IRIS 10 Group One Onboarding Nearly Complete

With summer on the horizon, the IRIS team is excited to let you know the IRIS 10 rollout is well underway with five counties using the new system, and two more scheduled to come on soon.

Last fall, we surveyed and selected seven counties to be our first adopters for IRIS 10, with the counties being selected primarily based on the IRIS modules being used and number of active IRIS users. Of those seven Group One counties, Gilliam and Harney counties have made the permanent transition to IRIS 10, while Baker, Grant, and Hood River counties are in various states of their testing phases. The final two counties, Jackson and Lake, are set to begin testing next month, which will conclude the migration from IRIS 9 to IRIS 10 for our Group One counties.

Group One Recap

Early in our planning process, we decided to do a rolling release of IRIS 10 throughout 2024, which we kicked off this past December with Harney County graciously volunteering to be our pilot county. 

The reason behind the rolling release is that this approach allowed us to build out modules individually as needed by our early counties, who could then test the modules to help identify issues and provide feedback that could be incorporated into the system. While this approach did require more time initially, it has resulted in a more stable and complete product for subsequent users coming online later this year. 

While we recognize the challenges that can come with change, the early feedback of IRIS 10 has been largely positive. Here are some of the new features our early users are excited about:

“One of the many features I like about IRIS 10, is the ability to duplicate timecard records. It makes inputting timecards easy and takes much less time.”

  • Joely Jaeger, Gilliam Co. Road Dept. 

“I am most excited about IRIS 10 is the ability to enter data into multiple modules at the same time without having to return to the home screen. The IRIS team has been very supportive and respectful in understanding the end user needs and finding solutions to meet those needs.” 

  • Kelly Tanzey, Baker Co. Road Dept.   

A big thank you to all of our Group One IRIS who have spent time testing the new system. Your feedback has been invaluable in helping us refine IRIS 10, and even more appreciated is the patience and grace you’ve shown us through the first stage of the rollout. 

Group 2 Surveys Coming Soon

With the completion of Group One drawing near, we will soon begin surveying potential Group Two candidates. For Group Two, we hope to bring another eight additional counties onto IRIS 10 over the summer and early fall. To help us prepare, we have identified several counties that we believe would fit well into Group Two, and we will begin surveying these counties in early May to lock in our order and timeline. Not all counties will receive a survey for Group Two, but if your county does, please complete the survey as thoroughly and timely as possible. If you are interested in your county joining Group Two or have questions about the onboarding process, please email

As always, if you ever have questions or need assistance with IRIS, we are here to help at

Questions & Feedback
Your Opportunity to Ask Questions and Provide Feedback

If you have general questions that you would like us to address, or a discussion topic that you would like pose for other users to offer their thoughts and feedback, please email it to us at, and we will share your questions in the next edition of The IRIS Update.