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Friday | Oct 18, 2019
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Money market funds that are among the largest holders of US Treasury bills say they are reluctant to sell them to the Federal Reserve, presenting an obstacle to the central bank as it seeks to increase the amount of cash in short-term lending markets. (Financial Times | Oct 16)

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York made the first of planned purchases of Treasury bills, buying $7.501 billion worth. Availability of bills had been a concern, but banks submitted offerings worth $32.569 billion. (The Wall Street Journal | Oct 16)

Future global financial crises might begin completely outside the financial system in areas that aren't addressed by financial regulators, experts say. While the banking system is more resistant to shocks than in the past, the next crisis could be triggered by cyberrisk, environmental risk, sociopolitical risk, shadow banking, or the vulnerability of passive investing, they say. (Practice Insight | Oct 15)

The return on Treasurys this year is more than triple the average for the past decade, while the return on corporate bonds is more than double the average, according to Bloomberg Barclays. The rally has investors skeptical that gains can get better during the rest of the year. (The Wall Street Journal | Oct 14)

The joint venture between Wall Street’s biggest banks that’s looking to revolutionize the way new corporate bonds are marketed and sold plans to start testing its platform with select buyside clients in the first quarter of 2020. (Bloomberg Markets | Oct 11)
the cyber cafe
Watch for auditors to assess future risk of cybersecurity incidents
Companies need to be mindful of auditors’ increased focus on risks related to cybersecurity incidents. Skadden attorneys look at recent comments from a member of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board and say her views contemplate an expanded role for auditors, assessing future risk, that may result in uncertainty for companies.

Amazon employs people to watch cloud cam home security footage
In a promotional video, Amazon.com Inc. says its Cloud Cam home security camera provides “everything you need to monitor your home, day or night.” In fact, the artificially intelligent device requires help from a squad of invisible employees. Dozens of Amazon workers based in India and Romania review select clips captured by Cloud Cam.

Political campaigns know where you’ve been
Political parties and outside groups are increasingly tapping into a new source of data as they gear up for the 2020 election: your smartphone. Users can adjust their privacy settings to limit such data collection.
binge reading disorder
Ride this luggage or have it follow you like a dog
Naucrates is carry-on luggage designed with a "follow-me" mode, meaning the luggage can follow its owner through an airport (without a leash or anything). Perhaps the best feature is that the luggage can be ridden... at a blazing speed of 4.3 miles per hour.
—  9to5Mac

Champagne remedies, sneezing ferrets, and thousands of years of havoc: The definitive history of the flu.
The Greek historian Thucydides reports on a “three-year plague,” and the Greek physician Hippocrates refers to the “Cough of Perinthus”  – perhaps the first mentions of the flu, though medical historians are still debating that.
—  Elemental

How to never be stranded after a canceled flight, and other travel hacks
Save serious cash on duty-free shopping. Download this app, and you’ll never be caught off guard by flight delays again. Make friends wherever you go by doing this every time you check into a hotel. And more.
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