Join us for WIL's two-part program focusing on the up close and personal workings of WIL's microfinance projects.

The first session on February 16th walks you through what to look for in a grant application and how to evaluate the efficacy of the organization. Examples from Namaste, one of WIL's grant recipients, will be provided. Learn how WIL identifies and selects the Microfinance Institutions (MFI) we fund, the criteria the Microfinance Committee considers in selecting an MFI for vetting, and the quantitative metrics and qualitative issues used to assess the viability of the MFI. Register here for the February 16th program.
If you can't make the February 16th Zoom program, you can catch the video recording to prepare yourself for the second program on March 8th. You'll be able to put your new knowledge to work as you vote on proposals you feel are worthy of additional funding. Register here for the March 8th program.