Volume 5, Issue 10

November 19, 2021

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Tuesday Nov 23rd: Labor Management

Nov 24-26: Thanksgiving Break - No School

No INK Next Week

Nov. 29, Nov. 30, Dec. 1: IT listening sessions

Dec 1: Nutrition Services Leadership

Dec. 1: Membership Rep Training

Dec. 3: CGW Listening Sessions

November Personal Leave:

For Certificated Staff, the cap for personal leave has been reached for November 23rd. Remember to put in your request for personal leave early!

Professional Development

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PARA PD: We're working on scheduling PD specifically for paras. Stay tuned!

CERTIFICATION: Check out the certification PD offerings through WEA here.

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Retirement and Financial Workshops

Retirement: Our NEA Member Benefits partner, VALIC financial advisors are holding weekly sessions this fall FREE to you as a member of SEA. These are beneficial to anyone; new members and members looking toward retirement and folks in between.

Financial Essentials Workshop:

Thurs., Dec. 2, 2021, 4:30PM - 5:30PM

This workshop focuses on growing confidence in your retirement plan. Topics include reviewing financial concepts that can impact educational professionals in each life-stages (early-, mid-, and late-career), as well as long-term planning, retirement savings, and state pension options. Free for members, hosted by NEA Member Benefits. Click here to register.

Building Rep Election Information

See who in your building has been elected to building rep positions

The election process for building reps has ended and the new reps have been notified. We have one location where the election has been contested and will work through the SEA processes to review the election.

We are including a list of all building reps positions at the link below.

There are currently a number of empty building rep positions. If you are interested in becoming a rep please reach out to Brad Read at brad.read@washingtonea.org.

Click here for a list of all SEA Building Reps

TPEP Guidance

New guidance from OSPI offers relief for 2021-22

There is new guidance to allow for some flexibility in TPEP evaluations this year. SEA is working with the district to create an MOU to implement this.

You can read the OSPI Bulletin Here.

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Shared Leave


*New Request*

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Click here for requests


We finished up the know your contract trainings this week. Did you miss them? No problem just watch the recording below.

In a nutshell, we're in the early stages of bargaining in since our CBAs expire in August 2022. What does this mean for you? Working backwards, in order to bring the most relevant proposals to the bargaining table, your teams need the most relevant information from you.

The teams work from what you put into surveys and listening sessions. Having in-depth knowledge of what's currently in your CBA helps you provide optimal feedback to your bargaining teams.

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Did you miss the Know Your Contract Training? Watch the recordings!

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