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The Power of Discovering & Working In Your Strengths

There are 277+ personality assessments and each one tells you something about human behavior. Some tell you about motivations, childhood wounds, stressed vs. stretched, and many about personality.

CliftonStrengths is different from the others because it spells out specifically HOW you get things done — how you build relationships, how you influence people, how you start projects, and how you finish them.

To learn more about CliftonStrengths and how to best aim or leverage your talents within your current position and within your team, we encourage you to check out our newest blog: The Power of Discovering and Working In Your Strengths.

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Gallup has an entire YouTube page dedicated to CliftonStrengths. On this page you will find LinkedIn Live event recordings, the CliftonStrengths Podcast episodes, Gallup's Called to Coach webinars, and other videos that can be a resource to you as you explore your own Strengths and those of your individual team members.

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How Do CliftonStrengths and the Enneagram Test Compare?

Workplaces and individuals face a variety of options when choosing the best development tools to improve performance. From personality tests to leadership assessments, there is no shortage of tools to evaluate us.

In this article, Gallup dives into a comparison of two well-known tools — the Enneagram personality test and the CliftonStrengths assessment — weighing out the differences and providing a little history, too.

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Is Your Team Ready for the Team Strengths Grid?

The Team Strengths Grid, a snapshot of a team's collective strengths in a single place, is a powerful tool to explore individual and collective talents to achieve team success. But oftentimes, the Team Strengths Grid is introduced before a team has the opportunity to fully absorb the tool's value.

When you introduce the Team Strengths Grid at the right time, you spark meaningful conversations. Unfortunately, Misuse of the Team Strengths Grid introduces risks of labeling people.

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More Information + Resources About CliftonStrengths

Discover: Traci's Top 5 Strengths

Empathy: People exceptionally talented in the Empathy theme can sense other people’s feelings by imagining themselves in others’ lives or situations.

Positivity: People exceptionally talented in the Positivity theme have contagious enthusiasm. They are upbeat and can get others excited about what they are going to do.

Communication: People exceptionally talented in the Communication theme generally find it easy to put their thoughts into words. They are good conversationalists and presenters.

Woo: People exceptionally talented in the Woo theme love the challenge of meeting new people and winning them over. They derive satisfaction from breaking the ice and making a connection with someone.

Developer: People exceptionally talented in the Developer theme recognize and cultivate the potential in others. They spot the signs of each small improvement and derive satisfaction from evidence of progress.

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If you have never taken the CliftonStrengths assessment, we encourage you to do so AND take a dive deep into your individual results!

Need some additional guidance in how to best utilize your strengths within your current role or team? Contact us today! We're here to help.

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