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Reflection & Growth: HPA's Year in Review

Hindsight truly is 20/20…Which is why as we're kicking off a new year, I felt compelled to share with you the things that the Human Potential Advisors team learned in 2023.

Growth is one of our core values. We value and promote innovation, continuous learning, and development — which is one of the many reasons that taking the time to reflect on your previous work is so critical to continuing to move the needle — personally, professionally, and as a team or organization.

In this month's blog, we discuss what worked well for us and what did not. Have you taken the time to reflect in order to grow forward in 2024?

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What's on the Horizon in 2024

Through reviewing the "State of Human Potential Advisors 2023" (see infographic below!) and what we accomplished last year, combined with reflection on what worked and what didn't, it provided Traci the opportunity to identify some intentional focuses and additions as we move into 2024.

#1: Case Studies: We've worked with some incredible individuals and organizations over the past 10 years. This year we are excited to share some in depth case studies detailing the challenges these companies faced, the solutions implemented, and the end results of higher engagement, culture shifts, and other measures of success. Look out for our very first case study to drop in February!

#2: Collaboration with Other Speakers: Speaking engagements and facilitating training sessions have been a central part of our work at HPA. In 2024, we're excited to share that we are making an intentional move to collaborate with other speakers to deliver even more engaging and implementable content for event and session participants!

Your development and growth inspire Traci and our team to keep the flame burning and to keep delivering. Thank you for continuing to join us on this journey!

What HPA Accomplished in 2023

Tips & Tools: Reflection & Growth

How’d You Do This Year? 12 Questions to Ask Yourself As You Ring in the New Year

One of our greatest opportunities for growth and change is in reflecting on the lessons of our past. The ability to reflect and learn is a key factor in building grit and finding success. People who use experiences as learning opportunities build a growth mindset. They’re forward thinkers.

Now is a wonderful time to close a chapter in our lives or simply start a new page.

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Looking back: Why Reflection is Essential for Success in the New Year

The beginning of a new year always feels like a fresh start, often with a focus on New Year’s resolutions and everything we’re going to start, or do differently, in the year ahead.

But, looking back, isn’t just sentimental or self-indulgent — it’s necessary to achieving success. 

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