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Artificial Intelligence + Its Future in Tech

AI and the associated tech around it will be a true seismic shift for the tech worker, business leader, and the culture as a whole. As we consider the future of AI, and its applications in both our personal and professional environments, we ask you to reflect on the following question: What are your hopes, fears, and concerns about the coming AI Revolution?

A recent article from The Conversation dives deep into questions surrounding how our nation, and truly the world, will regulate AI. What guardrails must be erected? How can we ensure accountability? And how will we address monopolistic power?

Are you looking for experienced tech talent to lead your organization through the AI boom? Or are you looking for a new opportunity? Contact us today. Let's connect — we're here to help.

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At ICAP, we place candidates for companies throughout the U.S. in both the private and public sector as well as for government institutions. We understand that our clients need experienced candidates to meet their needs and solve their most complex problems.

Here's a listing of our recently completed searches:

  • Enterprise Project Manager – State Government Agency, Columbia, SC
  • Senior Quality Assurance Analyst – State Government Agency, Austin, TX
  • Senior Portfolio Manager – Education Delivery Organization, Pensacola, FL
  • Enterprise Technology Client Executive – Southeast Regional Technology Delivery Firm, SC
  • Enterprise Portfolio Manager – Higher Education Institution - Greenville, SC
  • Legal Technology Delivery Manager – Leading National Law Firm - Charlotte, NC

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News & Industry Expertise

The open-source AI boom is built on Big Tech’s handouts. How long will it last?

Greater access to the code behind generative models is fueling innovation. But if top companies get spooked, they could close up shop.

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Facing Today’s Market Conditions: Choose the Right Attitude, Give the Best Effort, and Adopt a Growth Mindset.

The power of your mindset, attitude, and effort cannot be overstated. They are some of the most critical factors determining our success in life, personally and professionally. Every goal you set is about how badly you want to achieve what you’ve set out to do.

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Rate of IT Employment Decline Moderates in April

“While IT employment continued to decline in April for the 13th consecutive month, the rate of decline moderated after peaking in February,” said Mark Roberts, CEO of TechServe Alliance. “While some industries are still correcting their over-hiring done during the pandemic and in its immediate aftermath and others are in a holding pattern, there are sectors and geographic regions which continue to grow their IT headcount."

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Recession Proof Your Staffing Firm

Are you concerned about your staffing firm’s financial footing? Against the backdrop of an uncertain economy and recession predictions, you’re not alone.

While few businesses are entirely immune to changing economic conditions, there are several tactics you can employ to protect your company in a downturn.

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Tech Leaders Talk: Featured Conversation

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In Episode 9 of the Tech Leaders Talk Podcast, Raymond Gray shares his journey in both leadership and consulting — spending his professional life using his personal and career experiences to help his clients create solutions that support their business needs.

As the son of a retired New York City prison warden, Raymond knows the value of discipline and integrity. While his focus is on computer technology, he also provides business consulting services for process improvement and governance.

Follow Raymond Gray on LinkedIn.

Featured Candidate Testimonial

“ICAP is a well managed company with excellent support personnel and an incredible leader in Barry. They offer the same support as larger consulting firms like 401K and insurance but with the added benefits of hometown culture. ICAP promotes a self-starter environment which promotes autonomy and respect.

As a consultant at ICAP, I feel highly valued, like part of an extended family or as ICAP says the “Tribe.” At larger consulting firms, one can often feel like a name or number but that is not the case at ICAP."

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