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Training and Development for Managers is Critical to Individual & Organizational Success

Managing isn’t a great experience.

There I said it. It is the elephant in the room whenever I work with a team. Most managers live with double the work and double the expectations. In fact, managers report more stress, burnout, work-life balance and worse physical well-being than individual contributors and are less likely to know what is expected of them.

Because of this, our team at Human Potential Advisors decided to jump in and try to support managers with our 2023 Book Club. Since it filled up so quickly, we decided to dedicate this month to helping you better support the managers in your organization.

Check out this month’s blog to find tips and tools to support you as you develop your "People Leaders" or simply work to grow your own management and leadership skills.

Leadership + Culture: News & Expertise

From Boss to Coach: Best Practices from 15 Management Experts

Traditionally, managers have held a role commonly described as “command and control” – but that leadership model doesn’t work for today’s workforce.

According to Gallup’s recent book, It’s the Manager, Millennials and Generation Z want leaders who can coach them, provide regular feedback, and help them build their strengths.

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How to Really Listen to Your Employees

Let’s face it: strong leaders tend to be characterized by their strong opinions, decisive action, and take-no-prisoners attitude. These are important traits, but it’s equally important for managers to stand down and listen up.

Yet many leaders struggle to do this, in part because they’ve become more accustomed to speaking than listening. So, how can you develop this muscle? What are the barriers to good listening and how do you overcome them?

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Crucial Confrontations & Accountability: Tools for Resolving Broken Promises, Violated Expectations, and Bad Behavior

What we know about what's at the heart of almost all of our chronic problems in organizations, teams, and relationships are crucial confrontations we either aren't holding or we aren't holding well.

In this video, Joseph Grenny shares his personal and professional experiences + best practices you can use to resolve challenging issues to improve relationships.

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Insights: What We Are Training on in February

We believe unique problems deserve unique solutions. This month, we've prepared these "outside the box" options for our clients. 

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • How to Think (A Process for Thinking)
  • Decision Making Skills for Leaders
  • How to Apologize

Contact us today to find out how Traci and the HPA team can help you and your team improve your emotional intelligence, make decisions, think better, and apologize well.

Wins: Mentoring + Book Club Launch

Greenville Chamber Pacesetters Program

Traci was excited to start mentoring with the Greenville Chamber Pacesetters young professionals program in January: "I was lucky enough to be assigned these 8 rockstars! Looking forward to mentoring and investing in each of them in 2023!"

Learn more about the Pacesetters program.

Our 2023 Leadership Book Club is FULL!

In early January, we launched the Becoming a Great People Leader Book Club. We had a great initial response and the club reached capacity in less than a week. Thanks to everyone who signed up!

Even if you weren't able to join us as part of the book club this time around, you can still make time for growth this year by checking out the books we will be discussing to help develop your own leadership potential in 2023.

ADDITIONAL Offerings Coming Soon!

New Classes Still to Come in 2023:

Leveraging Your Emotions for Good: This virtual offering will be a women's only emotional intelligence training & development program facilitated monthly, likely over the lunch hour, to minimize interference with your work commitments. Each session will last 90 minutes.

We will offer two sessions of this course: April - June and September - November.

**Stay tuned for more details in the coming months!

Tips & Tools: Videos + Quotes to Ponder

3 Ways to Create a Work Culture that Brings out the Best in Employees - Chris White, TEDxAtlanta 2019

Leader Versus Manager - Simon Sinek, Generate Insights

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