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Did You Know Your Strengths Have Needs?

Most people shy away from “developing” their strengths because they don’t believe they have to. Since talents come naturally to us, we think: “Why develop something that I am naturally already good at?”

But here's the thing: your talents need developing and they thrive when developed.

Are you falling into the trap of spinning your wheels to improve upon your weaknesses? Or are you or your team feeling stuck? Learn the importance of choosing wisely when it comes to where you invest your time in our newest blog!

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Tools & Tips: The Science Behind Strengths

Although the outcomes speak for themselves, we know the research speaks loudly too. Check out Gallup's technical research and download the reports to learn more.

The Relationship Between Strengths-Based Employee Development and Organizational Outcomes

This report — based on a study of more than 1 million individuals and almost 50,000 business units — demonstrates the powerful connections between employee strengths development and business performance.

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The Effect of CliftonStrengths 34 Feedback on Employee Engagement and Sales

Discover the effect that CliftonStrengths feedback has on employee engagement and how sales increase when you focus on feedback in your complete CliftonStrengths profile.

Download 2018 CliftonStrengths Meta-Analysis Report

Tools & Tips: Strengths vs. Other Assessments, Development Tools & Personality Tests

You might wonder how the CliftonStrengths assessment compares to others. Interestingly, it is common for different assessments to be used together within an organization to create a fuller picture. Find a more expansive list of assessment comparisons here.

DiSC's results provide a broad awareness of your behavior style -- for example, are you forceful or logical? But after acquiring this knowledge, coaching would be needed to understand the subtleties between two people who work with the same general style.

CliftonStrengths provides actionable insights and advice from the moment you receive your results. The personalized report gives you action items and insights on how to turn a talent into a strength.

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Myers-Briggs types provide broad awareness but may lack applicability, hurting its validity. At a glance, the results of the MBTI assessment indicate characteristics such as introvert or extrovert, yet how this information leads to improved performance remains missing.

CliftonStrengths not only provides context for performance development, but also builds a common language within a company to shed light on the essence of positive psychology.

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Enneagram assessments provide clues and insights into an individual, but the complexity of understanding humans as types and then the stem of the personality type as a word that has deep meaning may confuse reading the results and coaching conversations. Its results depict what your personality type gets into conflict by being, which changes the conversation to focus on weakness.

CliftonStrengths, on the other hand, focuses on what is right with people.

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Client Feedback: The Language of Apology

In both work and life, we all make mistakes. Every misstep is an opportunity to learn! Below is some fantastic feedback we received following Traci's latest sessions with the Greenville Chamber Board of Advisors and the Executive Assistants Roundtable.

What is your one take away from today's training?

"Learning that there are 5 different ways to apologize and finding the one that works best in each situation."

"Justice vs. Restoration"

"That everyone needs to receive an apology in a certain way. Much like the Five Love Languages."

"Relationships are more important than being right and there are 5 strategies to have in my back pocket for apologies."

How can you use this information in your current role?

"It helps to know when an apology is essential versus my feelings."

"This information will be most effective in my work life as well as at home in my family life."

"This training makes apologizing less scary, which can be very helpful in professional relationships. Apologizing shows strength."

"Strengthen relationships; share with team; be better adults with each other"

Why it's so important to lean in to your Strengths!

Are you or your team feeling stuck? Now is the time to discover and learn how to best utilize your strengths.

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