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The Digital Transformation Council - Smart Cities Meeting

Brought to you by our partners at ARC Advisory Group, a monthly meeting of end users who share best practices and application stories in a wide variety of smart city domains. It's an end user only event - where best practices and application stories are shared - without supplier influence. Learn more.
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IMSA Certification - Opening Soon - On-Line Learning & Certification Portal

The process of obtaining an IMSA certification for the past 100 plus years has been highly rewarding, yet at times it has seen some obstacles we have had to overcome. Based on one's physical geography, you located and contacted a chartered IMSA Section to determine when and where the next opportunity to take an in-person certification prep class and exam.

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Hawaii DOT Deploys Connected Vehicle Technology and Adaptive Signal Control in Honolulu To Enhance Safety and Efficiency 

Econolite recently partnered with the Hawaii DOT and the University of Hawaii to deploy connected vehicle technologies and adaptive signal control to enhance safety and mobility on one of the state’s busiest corridors. Learn more.

By Vincent Mayeda, Marketing Communications, Econolite
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Product Spotlight
Polara launches “iDetect” Touchless Button Actuation into iNS APS

  • Detects movement typically within 1-4 inches
  • Inconspicuous Radar Detection – Vandal Resistant
  • Get your signals out of “Recall” and back to normal!

We have all seen the vandalism that can and does happen to buttons. Stickers, paint, gum, etc., can compromise other forms of detection, such as Infrared lenses. Rest assured, they don't see our detection! Click on the image for video or

This content is sponsored.
Certification Program Schedule
Contact: Graeme Kraft 604-235-19

Contact: Terry Gentry - 760-488-1356 
  • IMSA/FOA Certified Fiber Optic, Reno, NV, 12/7/2020 
  • Roadway Lighting I, Reno, NV, 12/9/2020  
  • Signs & Pavement Markings I, Reno, NV 12/9/2020 
  • Signs II, Reno, NV, 12/7/2020 
  • Traffic Signal Field II, Reno, NV, 12/7/2020 
  • Traffic Signal Field II, Las Vegas, NV, 12/22020 
  • Traffic Signal Field III, Las Vegas, NV, 12/7/2020 
  • Traffic Signal I, Apple Valley, CA, 11/30/2020 
  • Traffic Signal I, Reno, NV, 12/7/2020 
  • Traffic Signal I, Reno, NV, 12/9/2020 
  • Work Zone TTCT, Reno, NV, 12/7/2020 
  • Work Zone TTCT, Reno, NV, 12/9/2020 
  • Work Zone TTCT, Las Vegas, NV, 12/2/2020 


Contact: SUNSHINE SAFETY COUNCIL - Stacey Mueller. 386-301-5575
  • MSA CFOT Certified Fiber Optic Tech, 11/30/2020, S Daytona Beach, FL 

Contact: RACE TO SAFETY - Sherrie Garcia, 386-846-0545 
  • Traffic Signal I, 12/15/2020, Sanford, FL 

Contact Chris Elliott, 434-222-3481
  • Traffic Signal Field II, 3/4/2021, Suffolk, VA 
  • Traffic Signal Inspector, 3/1/2021, Suffolk, VA 
  • Traffic Signal Inspector for Adv Tech., 3/4/2021, Suffolk, VA 
  • Traffic Signal I, 3/1/2021, Suffolk, VA 
  • Transportation Center System Specialist I, 3/1/2021, Sufflok, VA 
  • Transportation Center System Specialist II, 3/4/2021, Suffolk, VA 

Contact: Douglas Pershall, 309-428-3993 
  • Traffic Signal II Field, 12/10/2020, Moline, IL 
  • Traffic Signal II Field, 1/21/2021, Des Moines, IA 
  • Traffic Signal II Field, 2/11/21, Moorhead, MN 
  • Traffic Signal II Field, 4/15/21, Pewaukee, WI 
  • Traffic Signal II Field, 3/18/2021, St. Louis, MO 
  • Traffic Signal II Field, 2/25/2021, Independence, MO 
  • Traffic Signal III Field, 12/10/20, Moline, IL 
  • Traffic Signal III Field, 1/21/2021, Des Moines, IA 
  • Traffic Signal III Field, 2/25/2021, Independence, MO 
  • Traffic Signal III Field, 2/11/2021, Moorhead, MN 
  • Traffic Signal III Field, 3/18/2021, St. Louis, MO 
  • Traffic Signal III Field, 4/17/2021, Pewaukee, WI 
  • Traffic Signal I, 12/8/2020, Moline, IL 
  • Traffic Signal I, 2/23/2021, Independence, MO 
  • Traffic Signal I, 4/13/2021, Pewaukee, WI 
  • Traffic Signal I, 3/16/2021, St. Louis, MO 
  • Traffic Signal I, 2/9/2021 Moorhead, MN 
  • Traffic Signal I, 1/19/2021, Des Moines, IA 
  • Work Zone, 2/8/2021. Moorhead, MN 
  • Work Zone, 1/18/2021, Des Moines, IA 
  • Work Zone, 12/7/2020, Moline, IL 
  • Work Zone, 2/22/2021, Independence, MO 
  • Work Zone, 3/15/2021, St. Louis, MO 
  • Work Zone, 4/12/2021, Pewaukee, WI 
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