IMPACT Connect Update

Shared Leadership welcomes participation

IMPACT Connect facilitates a shared leadership structure to create effective solutions for community problems which none of us can solve alone.

With oversight from the Board of Managers, standing committees shape the direction and provide governance of the community information exchange in collaboration with representatives from key public and community organizations.

Please complete this brief survey if you're an IMPACT Connect member who's interested in shaping the goals, measuring the outcomes and providing oversight of a system that is revolutionizing the ways in which our community works together. 

Integrations Committee

establishes standards and builds collaboration among participating agencies to make referrals impactful and effective. Through these coalitions, the Integration Committee improves system navigation.

Outcomes Committee

sets Key Performance Indicators for the network and reviews data from multiple sources to evaluate our efficacy in meeting those KPIs; as well as recommends changes to meet our collective goals.

Member Spotlight

Vital Voices' Telephone Reassurance Program

When/why should people refer to you?

Vital Voices' Telephone Reassurance Program conducts 10-15 minute check-ins Monday through Friday with isolated older adults (60+) to provide a sense of safety and improve overall well being. We accept self-referrals as well as referrals from family, case managers, and medical professionals.


What are the benefits of being enrolled/involved in your programs?

The Telephone Reassurance Program is a reliable resource for older adults. If we are unable to reach a participant, we notify emergency contacts and, if needed, will conduct a non-emergency wellness check to make sure they are safe. Our participants have shared that the sense of safety, both mentally and physically, has greatly improved their daily lives. We do referrals to any needed services such as mental health, housing, medical care etc. as needed.

What eligibility requirements do you have?

Milwaukee County residents age 60+ who live on their own are eligible. Participants may not live in group homes, assisted living or nursing home as they have people checking in with them frequently. They also cannot be enrolled in any other social support services that meet multiple times a week.

What can people expect after a referral is made? How quickly are you able to respond to referrals, and what's the intake process?

The team will reach out within two business days to conduct a brief phone intake that includes demographics, preferences for contact, health history, etc. Once the intake is completed, the person could begin receiving calls the next business day.


What are you most excited about with IMPACT Connect?

We look forward to working with IMPACT Connect to reach older adults that may not be reached otherwise including those who may be getting discharged from the hospital or other medical facilities.

Member Spotlight

Versiti on King (VOK)

When/why should people refer to you?

As soon as they express a need for basic social services such as finding a primary care physician, housing, food, safety from gun and domestic violence. We can lift some of the community barriers preventing access to healthcare, employment, education and training; as well as help people realize that there are other resources out there for them.


What are the benefits of being enrolled/involved in your programs?

Our customers receive individualized attention from a Community Health Navigator who facilitates access not only healthcare, but also other social service needs. Those who utilize the resources provided at Versiti On King have the opportunity to receive training and work with people who live in the community.


What eligibility requirements do you have?

All Insurances are accepted.


What can people expect after a referral is made? How quickly are you able to respond to referrals, and what's the intake process?

People can expect to be treated with knowledgeable respect, dignity, empathy, and supportive care from the beginning intake process until our engagement is complete.


What are you most excited about with IMPACT Connect?

We're excited to work with people on a much broader basis and improve the way in which they access services in our community.

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