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MAY 2024

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This month, as we honor our Mother Mary and celebrate the feast of St. Joseph the Worker on May 1, we reflect on the profound responsibility and privilege both saints had in raising Jesus, the Son of God. St. Joseph, often referred to as the silent saint, and Mary, known for few, yet defining, words in the Gospels, stand as powerful models for us in our pursuit of God. Their unwavering trust in God's providence and their courageous faith serve as a reminder that we are never alone; God walks alongside us always.

In a world filled with conflict, both external and in our own lives, let us emulate Joseph and Mary by becoming beacons of peace in our own spheres. Through prayer and sacrifice, may we contribute to the peace that is desperately needed in parts of our world facing turmoil today.

In my own prayer, I often envision Joseph and Mary walking side by side, their arms extended outwards, inviting us all to join them and guiding us towards the presence of Jesus. Joseph and Mary remind us of the profound peace that only He can bestow upon us.

Let this visualization ignite a sense of tranquility within you, and may it inspire us all to actively strive towards manifesting that same peace in our daily lives.


Sister Mary Sue IHM

Mary, Comfort of Migrants

The above picture and prayer was designed, photographed and painted by Sister Monica Sicilia, IHM and the use of AI manipulated photography.

Virtue of the Month


Blessed are the

Poor in Spirit

Living a life that is Poor in Spirit means aligning our hearts with the struggles and yearnings of the marginalized, the humble, and the sorrowful. By standing in unity with the downtrodden and sharing in their plight, we not only advocate for social justice but also embody a powerful message of compassion and empathy that has the potential to transform lives and societies for the better.

Catholic Social Teaching

A Way to Love Our Neighbor

The Church gives us a clear understanding of how we show our love for one another and provides a compelling challenge for living responsibly and building a just society.


We are IHM proud of Sister Virginia Paschall, and the Blessed Virgin School Community for completing a successful Middle States Reaccreditation process!

Blessed Virgin Mary School

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Archdiocesan Mathlete Championship

The Archdiocesan Mathlete Championship held on Monday, April 15, 2024, showcased the top teams from each of the three divisions, with Archbishop Ryan H.S. emerging as the champions and St. Joseph Prep securing the second position. Notably, this victory marked Archbishop Ryan High School's 25th time hosting the prestigious Archdiocesan Championship Trophy over the past 31 years. The top three individual scorers in the competition were all from Ryan Mathletes: Bishop Norman claimed first place, followed by Justin Chasi in second, and Fiona Deng in third. The team's success can be attributed to the guidance of their dedicated coach, Sister Alice M. Hess, IHM.

We invite you to our annual IHM Nun Run!

Consider joining us on Saturday, June 1, 2024 for this event to benefit Camilla Hall, Convent Home and Healthcare Center for the IHM Sisters!

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EmbrLaudato Si' Action Platform the Mission

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A Giver's Mentality

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1 St. Joseph the Worker

9 Ascension Thursday

12 Mother's Day

27 Memorial Day

31 Feast of the Visitation

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