IFVP Conference DC 2016 Updates
 Pre-conference sessions

Dear IFVP Fans!
As you plan for the upcoming IFVP DC 2016 conference  (woo hoo!) make sure to look at the fabulous pre-conference sessions we have lined up for you.
These pre-conference sessions  will help you expand your practice by exploring a breadth of topics and help you go deep to advance your skills and business. These are one of the most exciting ways to dive into the IFVP DC 2016 Conference and we can't wait to see you there.
Graphic Recording 101: The IFVP Signature Course!
GR101 is a hands-on workshop which will provide a basic understanding of the craft, the tools and the techniques of graphic recording. The workshop leaders along with several other IFVP members will share real life stories and insights from their own practices.
Juice Up your Drawing
Are your graphic skills like a 90-pound weakling? Now you can instantly add muscle and pep to your drawing arm with this intense hands-on all-day workshop! Train with two top graphic recorders experienced in illustration, cartooning, typography and graphic design. Inject speed, flexibility and a healthy dose of humor into your work. Unleash your wild inner artist during challenging practice rounds and group critiques.
Secrets to a Thriving Visual Business
This full-day hands-on, activity-based program is designed for you to learn the secrets to starting and/or growing a thriving visual thinking business. We will cover the Five Pillars to help you build and maintain a strong business and reputation in the field.
Integral Facilitator Essentials: How Great Meetings Come to Life?
Meetings come in all shapes and sizes. Feeling confident in meeting essentials allows you to relax, include more, be creative, and invite others to do the same. This one-day workshop, will help you learn and practice building rapport, facilitating open discussions, guiding the flow of meetings- and much more.
Excited? We sure are! Register for the conference today! Early bird pricing ends March 30, 2016 at 11:59 pm (US Eastern Time).
Oh - and while you plan, to help you make your trip even more awesome, here's a list of 50 things to eat while you're in DC. (we have our eyes on #11 and #31!)

Steph, Erin and the Conference Planning Team
Contact Steph Brown and Erin Gordon, conference co-chairs at conference2016@ifvp.org
Alone we are just a ripple, united we are a sonic boom of creativity, clarity and collaboration with the ability to bridge conversations and communities. United we can change the world, one chart at a time."
--- Stephanie Brown, IFVP DC 2016 Conference Co-Chair

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