Response Statement For Crisis in the Middle East

As family nurses, the International Family Nursing Association (IFNA) wishes to acknowledge all people who are being so tragically affected by the current crisis in the Middle East. 

IFNA embraces a compassionate family focus on health, social justice, human dignity, and respect for all. Based on the IFNA position statement, “Caring for refugee/migrating families,” our attitudes about the effects on families of the crisis in the Middle East are inextricably linked to our beliefs about the central importance of family, our ethical views regarding the rights of families, family nurses, healthcare workers and volunteers to safety and health, and our role in the promotion of family health and well-being. 

In the current crisis, families, frontline nurses and healthcare workers and volunteers caring for them are seriously endangered. We support the World Health Organization call for access to health and humanitarian assistance for all affected.

Our IFNA community is truly international, and along with the global nursing and healthcare community we call for the protection of families, nurses, healthcare workers and volunteers in line with the Geneva convention

13 October 2023

International Family Nursing Association
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