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International Day of Older Persons

"Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield" – Tennyson

Older people are fundamental in a society that has much to learn from their rich experiences, hard work, and lifelong knowledge. Join us in celebrating #IDoP

October Headline

Personal Story

#HealthyAgeing 50

Dr. Jane Barratt has been selected for recognition as one of the Healthy Ageing 50 – fifty leaders working to transform the world to be a better place to grow older.

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Dr Jane Barratt - UN Healthy Ageing 50

Advocacy and Knowledge

Biosimilars in laboratory

Vision Health

Ophthalmic Biosimilars Policy

The IFA convened a virtual roundtable discussion on ‘Emerging Trends in Ophthalmic Biosimilars Policy in Canada’. Leaders of civil society and patient advocacy groups, alongside retinal specialists and public policy experts shared perspectives in this forum on biosimilar policies and practice with respect to the changing vision health landscape in the country.

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Flu Stakeholder Showcase

In May 2022, the IFA gathered 17 Civil Society Organizations working for and with older adults in Canada in a Stakeholder Showcase to understand good practices in influenza vaccination advocacy strategies; exchange knowledge and assets; consolidate campaign strategies; and identify gaps to improve influenza vaccination advocacy campaigns.

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Monthly Calendar

UNIDOP event banner 2022

The IFA is proud to support the observance of the United Nations #IDoP this Monday, October 3rd, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. live on UN WebTV. Theme: "The Resilience of Older Persons in a Changing World: Contributions of Older Women".

Don't miss out!

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Older Adult Mental Health Awareness Week banner

Join us in congratulating the International Psychogeriatric Association in presenting the 2nd annual Older Adult Mental Health Awareness Week, from 1 to 10 October, which aims to raise awareness while promoting better mental health for older people.

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AV-HCP ECHO banner

The International Federation on Ageing is thrilled to launch the third unit of the Adult Vaccination Health Care Professional Education ECHO Program (AV-HCP ECHO), a scalable learning curriculum based on the world-renowned Project ECHOTM model, geared toward pharmacists, nurses, community support workers, long-term care staff and physicians. Through a comprehensive curriculum, the development of a learning community will act as a platform for sharing evidence, tools, and good practices needed to empower HCPs to become champions of adult immunization in their communities.



Katrina Bouzanis representing DR Barometer and IFA at the 22nd EURETINA in Germany

DR Journal

Representing DR Barometer at the 22nd EURETINA

As the Secretariat for the program, I had the fortunate opportunity to attend the 22nd annual meeting of the European Society of Retinal Specialists held in Germany, in addition to representing the International Federation on Ageing.

By Katrina Bouzanis

Older person receiving online medical assistance through a laptop

The Storyteller

Healthy Ageing Comes with Ageing Differently

Genes will play their part in the ageing process, and so will the surroundings, the environment in which one is inserted. There are so many elements that we do not get to control or master. Then there is education – and access to it.

By Bruna Swerts

News from the Field

IFA Influenza vaccine flowchart

Previously on IFA Global Café

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Supportive Platforms to Combat Social Isolation

"At Golden Years Foundation, we strive to raise awareness about healthy ageing, physically and psychologically. Enabling seniors to fight loneliness and improve social well-being is at the top of our priority list. Since we started as a Facebook group, we have studied the effect of digital literacy and found a significant improvement not just in online connectivity, but in all kinds of social interactions."

Dr. Menna Shawkat and Ms. Dina Hashish

Global Cafe banner

Impact of Social Integration on Healthy Ageing

"Our social environment may not only influence mental health but also physical health. Research shows that more socially integrated individuals live longer and healthier lives, possibly because their social network helps them engage in healthier lifestyle behaviours, cope better with stressors, and even maintain more favourable biological functioning."

Dr. Claudia Trudel-Fitzgerald, Ph.D.

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Ritesh Rohan

Meet our Guest Artist

Ritesh Rohan (front page illustration)

My name is Ritesh. I am a doctor – undergraduate in zoology and biotechnology and a Bachelor of medicine and surgery (MBBS) – and an artist with a Diploma in visual arts and communication. Exposure to diverse fields of education empowered me with a passion for life, inspiring me to pursue a path to blend the essence of science and art.


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