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May 2024 Issue
Webinar: Group Delay for an Ultra Wide Band Antenna
In this webinar, XFdtd's product team discusses group delay for UWB antennas. Watch to learn how group delay is determined directly from a single-port simulation.
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Far-Field Wireless Power Beaming to Mobile Receivers Using Distributed, Coherent Phased Arrays: A Review of the Critical Components of a Distributed Wireless Power Beaming System
Over the last few decades, far-field RF-based wireless power beaming (WPB) has been a topic of interest for the microwave and the antenna engineering communities alike. This interest is in part due to the dire need for such a system for applications, ranging from biomedical to drone charging. This paper provides a comprehensive review of the published research on WPB for the last 20 years.
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Influence of Heterogeneous Human Body on Midfield Wireless Power Transfer for Implantable Heart Devices
Midfield wireless power transfer (WPT), using frequencies ranging from sub-GHz to 2 GHz, has recently been introduced as an efficient method to wirelessly transmit power to compact implanted devices. The currently developed WPT transmitters and implantable receiver antennas are not specifically optimized to accommodate the diverse characteristics of the real human body. In this paper, more than 30 multilayered tissue realistic models, based on real CT images of humans, were simulated to define the optimal frequency.
WIPL-D Pro v20 and WIPL-D Pro CAD 2024 are released!
New additions include increased stability, scripting libraries, and improvements related to repairing tools, sweep, wrap, crop, assembly, regions, new objects, MMWI, current generators and more. DDS solver, both Voxel and STL Editors, are further advanced.
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Schottky Barrier Gate N-Polar GaN-on-Sapphire Deep Recess HEMT With Record 10.5 dB Linear Gain and 50.2% PAE at 94 GHz
A Schottky barrier (SB) gate N-Polar GaN-on-sapphire deep recess high-electron-mobility transistors (HEMTs) is reported. A device with a 50 nm gate length demonstrates the highest N-Polar deep recess HEMT peak fT of 176 GHz and peak fMAX of 307 GHz. A device with 77 nm gate length has a linear gain of 10.5 dB, 50.2% peak power-added efficiency (PAE) with 2.8 W/mm power and 3.2 W/mm peak power with 46.3% PAE and 6.1 dB compressed gain at 94 GHz.
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A 1.0-THz High-Gain Metal-Only Transmit-Array Antenna Based on High-Precision UV-LIGA Microfabrication Technology
Implementing high-gain antennas operating at THz frequencies relies significantly on dependable microfabrication technologies. Due to the advantages of high precision, low cost, and high uniformity, this article presents a 1.0-THz 64x64-element high-gain metal-only transmit-array (TA) antenna fabricated using ultraviolet photolithography techniques in conjunction with micro electroforming (collectively, UV-LIGA). The fabricated TA prototype is experimentally validated. The maximum gain is 36.47 dBi, and its corresponding aperture efficiency is equal to 25.96%. The measured 3-dB gain bandwidth is from 0.79 to 1.03 THz.
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Inverse Design of SIW Devices Based on the Internal Multiport Method
This letter presents a novel inverse design method for substrate-integrated waveguide (SIW) devices. Based on the internal multiport method (IMPM), the metallic via arrangement in the SIW structure is converted to a numerical optimization problem on a binary-option vector. By inputting the expected device performance, a satisfying via implementation can be automatically generated aided by the numerical optimizer, without sophisticated structural analysis and repeated full-wave simulation. Application examples are shown to verify the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed method.
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The 2024 IEEE MTT-S Awards have been announced.

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