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Indiana Dairy Producers E-Newsletter
March 15, 2021 
 Issue 153
Our Vision: To Make Indiana the most desirable state in which to produce milk.

Mission Statement
To promote a profitable, positive, professional image of
dairy producers while providing educational opportunities
for the interchange of ideas and to speak as a proactive voice
for Indiana dairy producers.   
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2021 Indiana Dairy Forum

Welcome Telamon Energy!

The World Wants U.S. Dairy

Silos Fillers Disease

Open Burning Information

Dairy Ambassador Program


This is certainly a very exciting time for our organization as Steve Obert, the next Executive Director of Indiana Dairy Producers was announced. It gives me a tremendous peace about the future of our organization. I will be excited to see IDP grow and continue to serve our producers for years to come. Steve and I look forward to spending a few months working together as he officially begins on May 1 and I officially end on July 31.  

We are very pleased to be able to welcome a new Gold Sponsor, Telamon Energy Solutions, to our tremendous lineup of sponsors; learn more about them below. We appreciate each of our sponsors and encourage you to work with them when the opportunity arises.

After such an unusual year, we are looking forward to seeing you at the next Indiana Dairy Forum scheduled for June 22-23. It is going to be at the beautiful French Lick Springs Hotel again, such a tremendous venue with so much history. Our sponsors have once again stepped up and we will have tremendous speakers, a great trade show, great food, and plenty of time for fellowshipping that has so much value and something we have all been missing. Take a few moments to register and we’ll see you there!

As we enter this busy time of year, witnessing life beginning all around us, I again want to remind you to take the extra few moments to be safe – your family needs you! You can always reach me at or call me at 317-695-8228 for any dairy need. Take care and God bless!

Doug Leman
Executive Director
2021 Indiana Dairy Forum
French Lick, Indiana
Calendar of Events

Upcoming 2021 Events
April 30th - IDP Forum *Early Bird* Registration Ends

May 30th - IDP Forum *Regular* Registration Closes

June 22nd - 23rd: Indiana Dairy Forum: French Lick, IN

November 17th: Partners in Success Luncheon
New IDP Gold Sponsor - Telamon
Telamon Energy is proud to be the first solar company gold sponsor of Indiana Dairy Producers. Telamon Energy is an Indiana corporation and has been in the solar business for over 10 years. No project is too big or too small. We provide a free analysis of your energy bills to determine if solar or other energy savings ideas will work for you. We also provide all grant writing for available USDA grant opportunities for solar. Telamon Energy has over 150 megawatts of solar arrays throughout Indiana and would be happy to assist you in your desire to reduce your electric cost. Telamon is a respected leader in solar design, engineering, financing grant writing and construction management. Please contact Indiana Dairy Producers and they will forward your contact information to Telamon Energy or feel free to call 317-418-3545. We will look forward to meeting you at the Indiana Dairy Forum!

Dairy Defined: The World Wants U.S. Dairy

ARLINGTON, VA – The false-but-pernicious idea that dairy is dying has already been laid to rest multiple times. Per-capita consumption of all dairy is its highest since the 1950s. Even fluid-milk purchases (the dairy opponents’ cherry-picked data of choice) rose at grocery stores last year, as consumers sought out what they needed most during a time of higher stress. 
But even all that analysis fails to point out another, increasingly important fact crucial to understanding U.S. dairy’s true importance: More than ever, it’s not just Americans seeking out these high-quality, high-nutrition products. Read more HERE

We are at the beginning of March, and spring will be here soon. The growth rate of alfalfa and small grain grasses will start accelerating, and several vertical silos will be filled with fresh and chopped vegetative material. This means that soon farmers could be affected by silo fillers disease.
Silo fillers disease occurs when people are exposed to nitrogen dioxide, an extremely toxic gas produced by anaerobic bacteria during the fermentation of nitrogenous compounds, such as proteins. Hence, the risk of being exposed to nitrogen dioxide is greatest during the spring season, when alfalfa and small grain grasses are harvested and ensiled in vertical silos to be fermented. The presence of this gas...MORE
Open Burning Information

IDEM has put together information to help us understand what is allowed, what's prohibited, and other pertinent information regarding open burning.

Click HERE for more information.

Fact Sheet HERE.
Dairy Ambassador Program 2021-2022

  • Dairy Ambassador Applications Now Open! Are you a high school senior or full-time college student? Do you want to share your passion of dairy with the public? Know someone that fits these interests? Apply for the Dairy Ambassador Program! This 1-year program brings together 5 students from around the state to represent the industry for through various activities, including the Indy 500, Indiana State Fair, social media engagement, and more. Students are awarded $2500 in scholarships throughout their term. Learn more and apply online by April 1!

  • Dairy Farmer Spokesperson Media Training - April 21: Join nationally-recognized trainer Joan Horbiak for a day-long media training. Practice speaking with consumers and telling your dairy story in a way that connects in person and online! Email or call Allie Rieth ( or 317-443-2296) for more information.

American Dairy Association Indiana Inc. will select five students ranging from high school seniors to college undergraduates to serve as Indiana Dairy Ambassadors. Students will be selected for their abilities to communicate with the general public about dairy farming, dairy nutrition, and modern agricultural practices. Students who are accepted into the program are expected to serve for one year as a Dairy Ambassador, completing monthly assignments requiring a time commitment of approximately 3 hours per month.

All interested students should fill out an application. Prior Dairy Ambassadors may reapply. Applications can be found on or by emailing Applications will be open from January 1 until April 1. Applicants will be notified in May, with terms of service for the five ambassadors beginning June 1, 2021 and running until June 1, 2022. 

Read more and APPLY HERE
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