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December 2016
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IDDSI is very pleased to announce that the following article “Development of international terminology and definitions for texture-modified foods and thickened fluids used in dysphagia management: The IDDSI Framework” has just been published online by the journal Dysphagia.  This paper describes the rigorous process through which scientific and survey evidence was generated to inform the development of the current IDDSI Framework. 

The article is open-access and free to download.  We encourage you to review our latest publication and share with others:


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- Colour Codes for IDDSI Framework

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Colour it IDDSI

One of the components used in the IDDSI framework to identify a particular level is color.  Careful consideration was given to the selection of the colors taking into account the suitability of for people with color blindness and to maximize the difference between neighboring levels.  Certain colors such as red were avoided due to cultural and symbolic use (danger, stop, fire) in many healthcare settings.

IDDSI is pleased to share our color information which includes application for computer and print.  Please find this information in our resources section on the IDDSI website here as "Colour Codes (RGB, CYMK)" under "IDDSI Framework".

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