RPA Weekly Recap | January 23, 2023

This past week Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, speaking before a crowd of parents at the State Capitol, spoke about the education freedom movement here in Arkansas, saying in part: “Education reform will be the hallmark of my administration. In the State of Arkansas we will educate, not indoctrinate, our kids. This is not about school choice, this is about parental choice. We will create opportunity for every student in the State of Arkansas. No student should ever be trapped in a failing school. I assure you, we will get the job done.”

The 45th Annual March for Life took place at the State Capitol on Sunday, January 22, 2023. This marked the first time since the overturning of Roe v. Wade that the march took place. As Arkansas Republicans, we will always protect life. As the RPA Platform states: "we believe all unborn children have a fundamental right to live."

Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders also made several more appointments to Boards and Commissions, including those of AACA Chairman Iverson Jackson as Executive Director of the Fair Housing Commission and former RPA Chairman Doyle Webb as the Chairman of the Public Service Commission.

Recent Executive Orders from the Desk of the Governor

| Executive Order to Repeal COVID-19 Executive Orders

| Executive Order to Limit Government Overreach, Reduce Red Tape, and Improve Education

Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin on Truth-in-Sentencing and the 94th General Assembly

Talk Business & Politics | Roby Brock

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State Sen. Ben Gilmore (R-Crossett) on Criminal Justice Reform

Talk Business & Politics | Roby Brock

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders, 47th Governor of the State of Arkansas, Inaugural Recap

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Sanders enters lawsuit over anti-masking law | Arkansas Democrat Gazette

"I promised that when I was elected, Arkansas would not have mask or covid-19 vaccine mandates and we would not shut down churches and schools because we believe in personal freedom and responsibility." Governor Sarah Sanders

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Sanders: 'No COVID Mandates, No COVID Shutdowns' | Arkansas Money & Politics

“Yesterday, I reversed the official position of the governor on the constitutionality of Arkansas’ ban on mask mandates by public entities,” Sanders said. “I have asked the Attorney General to resume representing the office in this capacity."

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