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Navigating White Spaces
by Keith Reyes, Professor, Yakima Valley College

For Mexican American or Latin American persons of color entering the White space, this discrediting process can begin with a strong accent, the mispronunciation of a word, or the use of Spanish. Because I speak without an accent, have a strong command of the English vocabulary, and rarely mispronounce words, my students had little fodder to initiate the discrediting process with. Unfortunately, they were able to resort to the fail-proof tactic for discrediting a person of color; me simply entering the White space...
Learning Deeply
by Jody-Lynn Rebek, Assistant Professor, Alogma University

As a scholar and professor and mindfulness practitioner for over 30 years, I have witnessed how mindfulness can also engage students in learning deeply both personally and professionally. This article explores both our current online teaching/learning challenges and coping strategies, as well as a case study that shows how mindfulness is thoughtfully incorporated into undergraduate teaching. Participants of the case study experienced self-awareness, and well-being through mindfulness, which may also promote student engagement in our online world.

Knowledge Infrastructures, Monographs and Why Open Access Must be Part of the Post Pandemic ‘New Normal’
By Dr. Frances Pinter, Executive Chair, Central European Press University

As a result of the global pandemic we are about to see some huge changes. Contractions of
higher education institutions. Will make the headlines. There will be redundancies amongst
faculty and with it, reductions in library budgets. How much, we don’t know yet, but it won’t
be evenly spread out. Parts of knowledge infrastructures will contract faster than others, a
few may expand, but there will definitely be a scrabble for resources and a chaotic
adjustment period. It is likely the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) will suffer more than
STEM – at a time when we need more than ever to learn more about ourselves so we can
cope better with the global challenges that threaten the very existence of humankind.

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by Jacqueline Warwick

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Third Chapter
Summer 2020 Updates
Scholarship Out of Africa
by Lee Walton, President of The Third Chapter Project, Inc.

When we first conceptualized the Third Chapter Project, Inc., our mission was to facilitate access to Humanities and social science via electronic resources to scholars in under-served communities. Africa was a natural choice as we became aware of the immense knowledge gap between developed countries and developing countries through our colleagues at the American Council of Learned Societies. What we learned from this experience was the critical need for the dissemination of scholarship coming out of and within Africa.  
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