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Educate Your Members: Corporate Transparency Act

The Corporate Transparency Act, which went into effect in January 2024, may require your small business members to report information about ownership to the government. This requirement applies generally to every entity having $5 million or less in annual U.S. revenues or 20 or less U.S. full-time employees. If you have not done so, this is a great topic for you to research and educate your members on through newsletter resources or in-person educational programs. You can access information from the U.S. Chamber here or download the white paper from Thomas Reuters here.

Membership: It's Important To Know The Numbers

In a world where data and information are king, membership organizations are no exception. Understanding the numbers within your organization is not just a matter of financial acumen; it's a fundamental necessity for ensuring growth, sustainability, and effective decision-making.

Use this resource which includes three simple formulas to calculate your data. Use the information to guide strategic decisions, fuel growth and create organizational sustainability. Download this pdf from Starfish Partnerships to get the formulas.

Live Webinar: 2024 Chamber Surey Results

If you’re curious what other chamber pros think, this session on February 28 is for you.


Join chamber-expert Frank Kenny and GrowthZone as we review the 2024 Chamber Survey Results and share trends, ideas, recommendations, and tips related to what your peers have to say about:

Challenges/Concerns/Worries / Reinstatement Strategies / Non-Dues Revenue Sources

and a LOT more!

Everyone attending this session will also receive access to the full survey results report. Click here to register.

Annual Conference Accommodations

The conference registration link goes live on March 1

Awards nomination process opens March 15

The ICEA Annual Conference is the best way to hear about best practices, new programs, and celebrate peer successes from the past year. If there is one event for Indiana chamber professionals to attend, this is the one!

June in Madison is a heavy tourism season so please get your accommodations booked ASAP. If you have multiple staff or friends who could share a guest house, this may be a more cost-effective option than renting multiple hotel rooms. There are numerous options by searching on VRBO or Airbnb - only included on the attachment are the properties included in the CVB's visitor's guide.

You will also notice on the attachment info about renting a golf cart to enjoy Madison's downtown as golf carts are very popular during the summer season and can legally be driven in the majority of the historic district. 

Click here for more information about accommodations for the 2024 Annual Conference in Madison.

Upcoming Connections:

Q1 MIKI Monday:

The Role of AI in Revolutionizing Chamber Management

Join us for a transformative one-hour webinar on Monday, February 26 at 12:30 p.m. EST (11:30 a.m. Central) where we dive deep into the burgeoning role of artificial intelligence in enhancing chamber operations. Key points include:

  • AI's impact on chamber management
  • Practical Applications of AI
  • Challenges & Limitations
  • Engaging with AI Effectively

This webinar is available to chamber professionals in Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky and Indiana who seek to leverage AI in enhancing their Chamber's efficiency and member experience.

Zach Giglio, Owner of Illinois-based GCM, will present. Register here.