ICANN66 | Session Summaries
ccNSO Members Meeting
 5-6 November 2019
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The Session Summaries are produced by the ccNSO Secretariat, specifically in preparation for ICANN meetings to provide the community with concise background information on the various sessions during the ccNSO Members Meeting. 
The ccNSO Members Meeting in Montréal takes place on Tuesday, 5 November 2019 and Wednesday, 6 November 2019. 

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The presentation slides will be published during or shortly after the meeting on the ICANN meeting schedule (go to the respective session) and later ona dedicated section of the ccNSO website . (click “Presentations”).
Tuesday, 5 November
Introduction to the ccNSO Members Meeting
Tue, 5 November | 09:00 - 09:40 | 516C

Opening and welcome by Katrina Sataki (.lv), chair of the ccNSO, followed by a welcome by Byron Holland (.ca), on behalf of the local ccTLD Manager. Alejandra Reynoso (.gt) will introduce the schedule of the ccNSO Members Meeting at ICANN66 and will welcome newcomers to the ccNSO.
The DNS and Internet of Things
Tue, 5 November | 09:45 - 10:15 | 516C

The ICANN Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) has recently published SAC105 , a report on the interplay between the Domain Name System (DNS) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Unlike typical SSAC publications, SAC105 does not provide particular recommendations to the ICANN Board, but rather informs about the relationship between DNS and IoT, and is intended to trigger and facilitate a dialogue in the broader ICANN community. In Montreal, the DNS-related opportunities, risks and challenges with respect to the IoT are explored from a ccTLD perspective.
Accountability and Transparency Review Session
Tue, 5 November | 10:30 - 11:00 | 516C

During this session, we will present an analysis of the implementation of the ATRT2 recommendations. This will be followed by a presentation of the results of the third Accountability and Transparency Review (ATRT3) survey. The session will close with a discussion on the proposed direction of travel, as input to the ATRT3 draft final report.   
What is the purpose of this review? The Accountability and Transparency Review is mandated by ICANN Bylaws Section 4.6(b) to examine ICANN’s execution of its commitment to maintain and improve robust mechanisms for public input, accountability, and transparency so as to ensure that the outcomes of its decision-making reflect the public interest and are accountable to the Internet community. 
Read more here .
Joint meeting: ccNSO & ICANN Board
Tue, 5 November | 11:00 -12:00 | 516C

The ccNSO will meet with the ICANN Board of Directors in Montreal. Consult the topics that will be discussed here .
Debriefing ccNSO workshops
Tue, 5 November | 13:30-14:10 | 516C
TLD-OPS Update

At ICANN66, the Country Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO) Top-Level Domain Operations (TLD-OPS) Standing Committee will hold a workshop to test its draft disaster recovery and business continuity playbook, which serves as a basic business continuity implementation guide for small country code top-level domain (ccTLD) operators. The workshop will be held on Sunday, 3 November 2019, and is open to TLD-OPS community members. Participants are expected to actively contribute, and attendance is limited to three persons per ccTLD. Pre-registration is required. Register here
TLD-OPS is the incident response community for and by ccTLDs and brings together folks who are responsible for the overall security and stability of their ccTLD. The goal of the TLD-OPS community is to enable ccTLD operators worldwide to collaboratively strengthen their incident response capabilities.

Update by the Strategic and Operational Planning ( SOPC ) Committee

The purpose of the SOPC is to coordinate and organise participation of ccTLD managers in ICANN's Strategic and Operational planning processes.

The committee’s Montreal workshop will be held on Sunday, 3 November 2019, and will focus on the committee’s working methods. In addition the group will meet with relevant ICANN staff and others.
Q&A: candidates ICANN Board Seat 11
Tue, 5 November | 14:10 - 15:00 | 516C

On Wednesday, 2 October 2019, 23.59 UTC, the recent call for nominations for the position of ICANN Board seat 11 was closed. In accordance with the applicable rules, the following candidates were nominated, seconded and have accepted their nomination:
  • Calvin Scott Browne,
  • Nigel William Phair,
  • Patricio Poblete.
Due diligence verifications have started in the meanwhile. An election will be held - starting in January 2020, after completion of the due diligence verifications - according to the timeline previously agreed upon by the ccNSO Council. This Q&A session will provide the ccNSO members and broader ccTLD community an opportunity to interact with the candidates. Session chair is Byron Holland (.ca), Vice Chair to the ccNSO Council. In preparation of this session, the candidates were invited to share their written candidate statements. Please find them here .
ccTLD News session
Tue, 5 November | 15:15-16:45 | 516C
Moving 2.8 million names in record time.

Byron Holland (.ca)

After a year of concentrated work – involving technical, organizational and policy modifications - .CA successfully migrated 2.8 million names to a new registry platform.
This presentation will focus on the effort of the entire organization that culminated in a clean and efficient move from old to new in record time. I will touch upon the process and technology change, the collaboration with the registrars, as well as lessons learned.
A pathway to .za past, present and future.
Peter Madavhu (.za)

Find out more about the past achievements by the .za ccTLD Registry, a current state of affairs, and its plans for the future.
The  .za Domain Name Authority  ( .ZADNA ) is a not-for-profit organisation that manages and regulates the .za   namespace. 
.ee innovation: auction system - from idea to launch.
Maarja Kirtsi (.ee)

In March 2019 .ee launched its auction portal for all the domains that are to be deleted (not renewed domains, domains in deletion process for other reasons). .ee changed the whole deletion process and domain regulation. The goal was to find an effective means against drop catching and give more equal opportunities to registrants. From idea to launch, the project took about 4 years with ups and downs and lessons learned.
EURid's DNS abuse prevention system. Marc Vanwesemael (.eu)

EURid has developed a methodology based around evaluating patterns pertaining to domain name registrations in order to predict, prior to delegation, whether they will be used in an abusive manner. This represents a big step in an already long list of measures that EURid has, and will be enforcing to ensure a secure and trustworthy online environment for its users.

IT risk management: case study .id. Yudho Giri Sicario (.id)

PANDI is currently under the process of getting ISO27001 certification and would like to share its experience.
PANDI is an Indonesia non-profit organization that manages  ccTLD .ID formed and managed by the business community, academia and government (multistakeholder) that promote the use of the domain in order to contribute positively to the global Internet in accordance with prevailing regulations in Indonesia.
ccNSO Organisational review
Tue, 5 November | 17:00-18:00 | 516C

The ICANN Bylaws [section 4.4 (a) Section 4.4(a)], call for a periodic review of the performance and operation of each Supporting Organization and each Supporting Organization Council by an entity or entities independent of the organization under review. Meridian Institute has been appointed to conduct the second ccNSO review.
Consult the independent examiner’s assessment and draft recommendations report here .  
During this session in Montreal, the ccNSO will discuss the implementation of the final recommendations and Katrina Sataki will debrief the community on the related discussions during the ccNSO Council workshop, held on Sunday, 3 November. For further information see here or consult the RWP Workspace. For Information on the 1st ccNSO review , click here .
Wednesday, 6 November
IANA Naming Function session
Wed, 6 November | 09:00-09:45 | 516C
PTI, to present on the IANA Services to the ccNSO

The "Post-Transition IANA" organization, filed under the name Public Technical Identifiers ( PTI ) , is performing the IANA functions pursuant to an IANA Naming Functions Contract with ICANN and subcontracts with ICANN for the performance of the numbering and protocol parameter services.  This session includes an update by PTI on the IANA services to the ccNSO, and a short update by PTI Board members.
Customer Standing Committee ( CSC ) update

The CSC provides operational oversight on the IANA naming function as performed by PTI since the transition of the IANA Stewardship. 
The ccNSO appointed CSC members, Alejandra Reynoso (.gt) and Brett Carr (.uk) will provide a brief update on what has happened since the previous ICANN meeting and what to expect from the CSC. Former chair Byron Holland (.ca) - whose term ended 30 September 2019 - will provide some food for thought based on his experience as chair of the inaugurative CSC.
Background on the committee, along with transcripts of its meetings and the monthly reports on the PTI performance can be found here . Join us in Montréal for an update on its recent activities.
Session with ccNSO appointed
ICANN Board members
Wed, 7 November | 09:45 - 10:15 | 516C

The ICANN Board of Directors consists of sixteen voting directors, including two directors nominated by the ccNSO. These seats on the Board are referred to in the ICANN Bylaws as Seat 11 and Seat 12 and are respectively occupied by Chris Disspain and Nigel Roberts. The following ccTLD-related ICANN Board members are invited to this session as well: Becky Burr, Danko Jevtovic, Rafael Lito Ibarra.
ccNSO Policy Session
Wed, 7 November | 13:30 - 14:15 | 516C
Update by the PDP retirement WG ( PDP-ret )

The ccNSO Retirement PDP Working Group will meet on Saturday, 2 November (15:15-18:50). During the policy session at the ccNSO Members Meeting on Wednesday, the ccNSO Retirement Policy Development Process (PDP) Working Group will seek input and feedback from the ccTLD and broader communities on its results to date. The goal of this ccNSO PDP, the third ccNSO PDP initiated by the ccNSO Council, is to develop and recommend policies to the ICANN Board of Directors pertaining to the retirement of country code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs) and the review mechanisms for decisions relating to the delegation, transfer, revocation, and retirement of ccTLDs.
The working group’s charter , work plan, and other relevant documents are available on its website and workspace .
IDN ccTLD Policy Update
The ccNSO Council requested the ICANN Board agree to end the second ccNSO Policy Development Process (ccNSO PDP2) on the selection of IDN ccTLD strings and inclusion of IDN ccTLDs in the ccNSO. Read the letter here. The ccNSO Council also requested the ICANN Board that no further steps are taken to change the current IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process. In the absence of a formal policy, the current process enables countries and territories to request strings for IDN ccTLDs. It is the ccNSO Council’s firm belief that, until a ccNSO policy replaces the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process, the current process should remain in place.
The ccNSO Council intends to launch the fourth ccNSO PDP to build the work of the second ccNSO PDP2, and the experience of the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process. The fourth ccNSO PDP will address issues identified by the ccNSO IDN PDP2 Preliminary Review Team (PRT), which includes outlining the differences between the similarity review and IDN Variant TLD Implementation and also streamlining the selection process of IDN (cc)TLD strings. Read more about the ccNSO IDN PRT here .
The ccNSO Council is also in the process of preparing a request for changes to Article 10 of the ICANN Bylaws. The changes cover two aspects: an updated definition of ccNSO membership, and enabling IDN ccTLDs to become members of the ccNSO. As part of this session, the Council will consult the ccTLD Managers on the changes necessary to include IDN ccTLDs in the ccNSO.
New gTLD Subsequent Procedures PDP. Work Track (WT5): current state of affairs

Following the adoption of the recommendations of the Cross-community Working Group on the Use of Country and Territory Names as TLDs ( CCWG UCTN ) and hence closure of this CCWG, the ccNSO participates in Work Track 5 (WT5) under the GNSO New gTLD subsequent procedures policy development process ( PDP WG ). Work Track 5 focuses on developing proposed recommendations regarding the treatment of geographic names at the top-level. The group reached agreement on its Terms of Reference and began substantive deliberations in 2018. Work Track 5 published a Supplemental Initial Report for public comment on 5 December 2018. Following the review of the comments received during the public comment period, WT5 produced a draft final report for consideration by the WT5 group members, and eventually the full GNSO SubPro Working Group. The report serves as the final product of work completed by WT5.  A key premise of WT5’s deliberations was that - unless there was agreement in the Work Track to recommend a change from the 2012 implementation - the Work Track would recommend maintaining the rules included in the 2012 Applicant Guidebook (AGB 2012) and bringing policy up-to-date to reflect this implementation. The WT5 Final Report specifies that status quo from the AGB 2012 more or less remains, now recommended as GNSO Policy, not only implementation rules. Different stakeholder groups have different interests and it has been impossible to find a better compromise than what was achieved through the AGB 2012.
The GNSO SubPro WG newsletter archive is available on the WG wiki and on the GNSO website .
Q&A: Candidates ccNSO Council
Wed, 7 November | 14:15-15:00 | 516C

In March 2020, at the conclusion of ICANN67 in Cancun, the 3-year term of the following ccNSO Councillors ends:

  • Souleymane Oumtanaga (Africa),
  • Hirofumi Hotta (Asia-Pacific),
  • Giovanni Seppia (Europe),
  • Alejandra Reynoso (Latin America/Caribbean),
  • Stephen Deerhake (North America).

The ccNSO opened a call for nominations to fill those seats. The nomination and secondment procedure started Tuesday, 24 September 2019 (00:01 UTC) and closed 3 weeks later Tuesday, 15 October 2019 (23:59 UTC). If at the close of nominations there are no more valid candidates in a particular geographic region than there are seats on the ccNSO Council available for that geographic region, then the nominated candidates shall be selected to serve on the ccNSO Council. Otherwise, an election shall be held for that geographic region, to select the ccNSO Councillors from among the valid candidates according to the timeline previously agreed upon by the ccNSO Council. Consult here the list of candidates for each of the 5 geographic regions, and their candidate statements. The list of candidates is available from 24 October 2019 onwards. More information will become available closer to ICANN66. Read the ccNSO monthly newsletter (October edition) for the latest updates.
Panel discussion: ccTLD perspective on Internet Governance
Wed, 7 November | 15:15-16:45 | 516C
As a result of the discussions by the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) community at ICANN63 in Barcelona, the ccNSO established in Q1 2019 a new committee: the Internet Governance Liaison Committee ( IGLC ). The Committee takes an active role in coordinating and facilitating the participation and input of ccTLD Managers in Internet Governance-related discussions and processes. The focus lies on those Internet Governance-related topics that are relevant to ccTLDs. 
During the ccNSO Members Meeting in Montreal, the IGLC will hold a panel discussion on the ccTLD perspective on Internet Governance. There will be contributions from a national, regional and global perspective, and a moderated interaction with the audience.
Consult the IGLC Terms of Reference here and its wiki space here .
ccNSO Council meeting
Wed, 7 November | 17:00-18:30 | 514

Consult the agenda and relevant background material for the ccNSO Council meeting on the ccNSO Council workspace .
This meeting is open to observers.