Since the last research update, IC3 researchers proposed a new file geolocation system, won a Facebook Fellowship, and more! Please register for the 2021 IC3 Blockchain Summer Camp (partial schedule below).
Join us for the 6th Annual IC3 Blockchain Summer Camp! This seven day experience will be hosted virtually this year and feature talks, panels, tutorials, and a hackathon for IC3 members. Topics will include DeFi, Cryptography, Layer 2, Privacy, and more!
A partial draft of our 2021 schedule.
The authors propose GoAT, a practical Proof of Geo-Retrievability (PoGeoRet) that enables proving that a file is located within a strict geographic boundary. Using PoGeoRet, one can trivially construct a Proof of Replication (PoRep) by proving that a file is in several distinct geographic regions. Unlike previous geolocation systems that rely on trusted verifiers, GoAT bootstraps using public timestamping servers on the internet that serve as geolocation anchors, tolerating a local threshold of dishonest anchors.
Deepak Maram, Iddo Bentov, Mahimna Kelkar, and Ari Juels (all Cornell Tech, IC3)
Yunhao Zhang (Cornell) was awarded the 2021 Distributed Systems Facebook Fellowship!

Two additional IC3 students, Yan Ji (Cornell) and Jiaheng Zhang (UC Berkeley), are also 2021 Facebook Fellows (announced in the May IC3 Research Update). 

A recording of the June IC3 Webinar, "DeFi State of the Union" Presented by Tyler Kell (IC3) is available on YouTube!
Tyler presents a broad overview of the entirety of the DeFi ecosystem and all the things it encompasses as of spring, 2021.
IC3 Faculty Member Dawn Song is a co-chair for the first ACM CCS workshop on Decentralized Finance and Security! Abstract submission is open until August 1st.
Christine Moy (IC3 Partner J.P Morgan) and Jill Carlson (Open Money Initiative) published the report “Cryptocurrencies can enable financial inclusion. Will you participate?” in the World Economic Forum.
Postdoctoral Visiting Researcher (PhD), Novi (Blockchain)
IC3 partner Novi is hiring a Postdoctoral visiting researcher to contribute to their blockchain research group. 
Learn more about the position and apply through the Facebook Careers Page.
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