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As summer wraps, we want to share with you some exciting developments and opportunities within and beyond our community! Also, scroll down to meet IC3 researchers at SBC 2023 (Co-organized by Stanford CBR, IC3 and Berkeley RDI)!👀


Bingo: Adaptivity and Asynchrony in Verifiable Secret Sharing and Distributed Key Generation by Ittai Abraham (Intel Labs), Philipp Jovanovic (UCL, IC3 Alum), Mary Maller (Ethereum Foundation, PQShield), Sarah Meiklejohn (UCL, IC3, Google), Gilad Stern (Hebrew University of Jerusalem):

  • The authors introduced Bingo, an adaptive and optimally resilient packed asynchronous verifiable secret sharing (PAVSS) protocol. Utilizing Bingo, the authors achieved adaptively secure validated asynchronous Byzantine agreement (VABA). This in turn enables an adaptively secure high-threshold asynchronous distributed key generation (ADKG) protocol. It is the first to provide adaptability while matching the complexity of leading static ADKGs.

Arke: Scalable and Byzantine Fault Tolerant Privacy-Preserving Contact Discovery by Nicolas Mohnblatt (Geometry), Alberto Sonnino (Mysten Labs, UCL), Kobi Gurkan (Geometry), Philipp Jovanovic (UCL, IC3 Alum):

  • The authors introduced Arke, a privacy-preserving contact discovery scheme and the first that can operate in a Byzantine setting. Their performance evaluations revealed that ARKE prototype is capable enough to support Whatsapp, Telegram & Signal at the same time.


🌟IC3 Researchers spotted at SBC 2023! IC3 members are giving several insightful talks at SBC 2023 from August 28-30 at Stanford University. Mark your calendar (see the program schedule here) for the following IC3 presentations (see below) and learn the latest blockchain advancements with us! Livestream access is available here.

1/ "The Blockchain Imitation Game" by Kaihua Qin (Imperial College London), Stefanos Chaliasos (Imperial College London), Liyi Zhou (Imperial College London), Ben Livshits (Imperial College London), Dawn Song (IC3, UC Berkeley RDI), Arthur Gervais (UCL)

2/ "Sprints: Intermittent Blockchain Mining" by Michael Mirkin (IC3, Technion), Lulu Zhou (Yale University), Ittay Eyal (IC3, Technion), Fan Zhang (IC3 Alum, Yale University)"

3/ "SGXonerated: Finding (and Partially Fixing) Privacy Flaws in TEE-based Smart Contract Platforms Without Breaking the TEE" by Nerla Jean-Louis (IC3, UIUC), Yunqi Li (IC3, UIUC), Yan Ji (IC3, Cornell), Harjasleen Malvai (IC3, UIUC), Thomas Yurek (IC3, UIUC), Sylvain Bellemare (IC3, UIUC), Andrew Miller (IC3, UIUC)

4/ "Lanturn: Measuring Economic Security of Smart Contracts Through Adaptive Learning" (Public source not available yet) by Kushal Babel (IC3, Cornell), Mojan Javaheripi (UCSD), Mahimna Kelkar (IC3, Cornell), Yan Ji (IC3, Cornell), Farinaz Koushanfar (UCSD), Ari Juels (IC3, Cornell)

5/ "LedgerHedger: Gas Reservation for Smart-Contract Security" by Itay Tsabary (Technion, IC3), Alex Manuskin (Technion, IC3), Roi Bar-Zur (Technion, IC3), Ittay Eyal (Technion, IC3).

6/ "Security Analysis of Filecoin’s Expected Consensus in the Byzantine vs Honest Model" by Xuechao Wang (UIUC), Sarah Azouvi (IC3 Alum), Marko Vukolić (Protocol Labs)

🎉Congratulations to IC3 PhD Student Mingxun Zhou for winning the CyLab's 2023 Presidential Fellowship! Each year, CyLab recognizes high-achieving Ph.D. students pursuing security and/or privacy-related research with a generous Fellowship that covers one year of tuition. Mingxun is advised by our CMU faculty members Prof. Elaine Shi and Prof. Giulia Fanti.

🌟Prof. Ittay Eyal (IC3 Associate Director, Technion) delivered an insightful talk on authentication in decentralized systems during the latest Ava Labs Systems Seminar. Watch the full talk below.

🔥Exciting New Book Alert! Prof. Ari Juels (IC3 Co-Director, Cornell) announcing his new crypto novel "The Oracle" is hitting the shelves on Feb 27, 2024!

Preview the book details below and pre order here! The book will also be available in Korean language version on May 24, 2023.

👀New Blog "TEE Rollups: Fixing Access Patterns in TEE-based Smart Contracts with Off-chain Computing" by IC3 PhD students Nerla Jean-Louis (IC3, UIUC), Yunqi Li (IC3, UIUC) and James Austgen (IC3, Cornell) illustrate their winning hackathon project at IC3 Blockchain Camp 2023. See source code here.


2023 MetaTrust Web3 Capture The Flag (CTF) Security Competition: Co-hosted by GoPlus Securities and MetaTrust Labs, register to assemble your team and win big now!

Fenbushi Capital OPEN TALK

Fenbushi Capital is hosting their first-ever research webinar on ZK, cryptography and beyond! It will feature presentations by leading researchers and founders (see image below) on open research problems with interactive Q&A sessions. Don’t forget to secure your spot here and mark your calendar for September 6th, 10 AM-4PM, EDT!

Chainlink SmartCon 2023: Get ready for IC3 industry partner Chainlink's signature event SmartCon in Barcelona, Spain from October 2-3, 2023. Ticket registration can be found here!

Advances in Financial Technologies - AFT 2023

IC3 is proudly sponsoring AFT 2023 (Princeton University, New Jersey) this year and our Associate Director, Prof. Andrew Miller (IC3, UIUC) jointly with Prof. Aniket Kate (Duke University) will host a new "Decentralized Credit Networks" workshop on October 26th there! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the masterminds!


🌟Join Arbitrum Foundation!

Arbitrum Foundation is looking for talents to fill the following roles:

- Developer Relations

- Technical Researcher

See job descriptions and apply here.

🌟Join Flashbots!

Flashbots is hiring SGX Engineers to build SUAVE, learn more and apply here.

Please send any new research or presentations to to be included in the next research update. Thanks for reading and enjoy summer breeze!


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